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V-Rod rates No.1 in fish4bikes survey

THE EXTENT of the nation’s love affair with the motorbike is revealed today
as, part of the nationwide cars classified website, unveils its current ‘top ten’ of the UK’s favourite makes and

The report, based on an analysis of over 100,000 searches for bikes on the
site so far this year, reveals the UK’s most popular bike is the classic biker
favourite; the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. Famed for its reputation as maker of
cruising bikes, the Harley-Davidson model hits pole position on the fish4bikes
top ten list, proving that Brits love nothing more than a laidback ride on
the open road.

The fish4bikes top ten by make and model 2008

1. Harley-Davidson – V-Rod

2. Honda CBR

3. Suzuki GSX-R

4. Aprilla RS

5. Yamaha YZF

6. Honda CB

7. Suzuki GSF

8. Suzuki SV

9. Honda VFR

10. Kawasaki ZXR

The report also includes a breakdown of which areas in the UK have the most
motorbike lovers. People in Southampton and London top the list and are four
times more likely to than someone from Reading to search for bikes on the
site. People living in Plymouth show the least love for leathers, shunning the
thrill and excitement of owning a bike in favour of the humble automobile.
Colin Mathieson, sales director for fish4bikes said, “The top ten shows that
the UK’s infatuation with the classic Harley continues with the V-Rod being
voted as the nation’s favourite motorbike. It’s no wonder that the likes of
Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck are often seen bombing around on their Harleys”.

“fish4bikes is a new addition to the fish4 portfolio and has seen its busiest
month to date, with a significant increase in traffic and sales
across the last four weeks”.

Price-wise, the most popular bracket is bikes under £1000, with the under
£2000 bracket following closely. fish4bikes also has a growing selection of
high-end bikes with Ducatis, Motoguzis, Hondas and Triumphs all being featuring
on the site.

The report reveals that since the beginning of 2008 fish4bikes has seen a
steady increase of unique users with an average of almost 30,000 bike buyers per
month visiting the site. The fish4cars site is home to 120,000 cars for sale
and almost 4,000 vans and trucks.

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