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Dual clutch Fireblade in the pipeline

Honda lining up a paddle-shift sportsbike for 2012? We reckon so

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Submitted by Visordown News on Thu, 03/06/2010 - 12:31

HONDA JAPAN has filed patents that show how its VFR-style twin-cluch system could be modified to fit the company's Fireblade sportsbike, Visordown can reveal.

The key element to Honda's revised design, further emphasising the firm's intentions to spread the system across its range, is reduced cost compared to the original version on the VFR, which adds nearly 10 percent to the price of the standard £11,596 bike.

While the basics are the same, including the same concentric input shafts as on the VFR, the focus has gone into simplifying the electronics and sensors, reaching the same effect as the VFR's, but with reduced cost.

In particular, the new Honda design eliminates one expensive potentiometer used on the VFR to measure the position of the shift drum, telling the computer which gear the bike is in.

Does the thought of a paddle-shift sportsbike float your boat?

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