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Video: This bike wants to be free...

... from the stupid

Simon Greenacre's picture
Submitted by Simon Greenacre on Tue, 23/05/2017 - 15:08


PICTURE THE scene: you're stupid and you're riding with your stupid mates who are prone to flipping bikes on the public highway.

Predictably, one of them cocks up while trying to nail 12 o'clock-er and the rider gets a face full of tarmac but the bike (a Bajaj Pulsar, we think) keeps going.

Most people would slow down and wait for the bike to stop and fall over before trying to retreive it but not you, you're stupid and empowered, so you try and round up the escaped steed and get taken down in the process. Remember, you're stupid and you've got no real idea of what is likely to happen once you try and grab the bike.

No wonder it tried to make a getaway.


But how heroic would it have been if he did manage to grab the bike and bring it to an undamaged stop. I mean, it works in the movies...

Come on, it was never going to end heroically. At best, the rider might have avoided crashing but I reckon that's it.

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