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On track, unconscious and crashing at over 140mph

This is the most bizarre crash you'll see this week

Simon Greenacre's picture
Submitted by Simon Greenacre on Mon, 05/06/2017 - 15:47


HERE'S THE most bizarre crash you'll see this week: a guy on a track day at Snetterton gets struck by a bellypan that comes off another bike at over 140mph, it hits him in the head, he gets knocked out, goes limp on his bike and luckily slumps off the side of it as it leaves the circuit, before it smashes in to the barrier.

The incident happened over the weekend on the back straight at Snetterton. The unfortuante rider is Josh Boyd, who said on Facebook that he doesn't remember being struck by the improperly secured ZX-10R bellypan. He 'woke up in hospital with blurred vision coupled with seeing different colours in each eye' and his bike is ruined.

Do you think this makes a case for rigorous machine checks at track days?


here is the US, at least the trackday orgs I use for 12-15 trackdays a year, would never allow a gaffer-taped bellypan. Last sat, in what we call "tech inspection," I had to move my throttle cable half-an-inch that it MIGHT touch the brake lever on a panic stop. Scrutineering thus is very, very, rigorous here - probably the rare good side-effect of a litigious society. I was even more shocked though to see riders stop at the crash scene. We had a fatality last year and NO ONE stopped. I should think we are so trained to get off track ASAP with a red flag that no one, even his mates, considered stopping (I know, I was pitting next to them). Then, also shocking, was the ambulance circulating the track WITH RIDERS STILL ON IT! Again, never happens here, at least on trackdays (but I think racing too). Red flag goes up, we clear the track ASAP. Then, and only then, does ambulance roll. Usually about 2-4 mins from red flag.

So, yes, it seems you need more scrutineering and stricter safety rules.

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