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Proof nothing will stop a biker from riding

Huge respect...

Submitted by Tom.Harris on Fri, 27/10/2017 - 10:44

Respect! from motorcycles

Credit TMH_tools for the video.

IF anyone ever thinks a biker's love for riding is fake, you can show them this video. Biking gives you a unique feeling and sense of power that can only be achieved by twisting the throttle.

Huge respect for this paralysed rider who hasn't let injury get in his way!

You might be asking how is he able to control the bike? Our guess is that the rider is either has partial paralysis and is able to move his feet enough to shift. Or, he has had an electric shifter fitted into the handle bars that allows him to change gear with his hands.

The below video shows the extent of cost and sheer commitment required for a paralysed rider to get on the bike.



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A passioned biker don't give up because of a body restriction. Maybe it sounds a little bit hard but why should you give up your hobbys and your dreams because of a restriction? As you can see it is defintley possible with the modern engineering that people that have restrictions can ride a bike.
I have a small blog ( ) where i help people finding there personal dream bike.
Thanks that you shared your post with us to show that riding motorcycle is also for people wich have injurys or body restrictions.

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