Motorcycle Track Guide: Cadwell Park

three time British Superbike champ's guide around the rollercoaster that is Cadwell Park, including how to take off over the Mountain

Posted: 21 July 2010
by Niall Mackenzie

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Every year Cadwell Park attracts more BSB spectators than any other racetrack.

When 30,000 plus fans line the bankings, a unique atmosphere is created that no other UK circuit can provide.  It may be the narrowest circuit on the calendar but it is also the most spectacular. When riders ask me about the famous ‘mountain’ at Cadwell I can only tell them riding up it is an unforgettable experience and they must get that box ticked as soon as possible. Technically it has everything; chicanes, fast corners, slow corners with extreme changes of elevation and cambers in between. This makes it very challenging to ride and when your pace increases so must your concentration. The good news is that the MSV organisation has increased safety recently to levels that previous owners told us were impossible.  

I’ve always liked Cadwell Park; unfortunately it didn’t always like me. My advice to first timers would be to give the circuit respect and be patient. Simply going round and round will allow you to absorb its many quirks and you’ll find your lap times will fall without having to push too hard.

Start a flying lap around Cadwell Park

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