Motorcycle Track Guide: Anglesey

Revel in the delights of Anglesey, Wales’ best, and quite possibly Britain’s best track. Niall Mackenzie is happy to take you round

Posted: 23 July 2010
by Niall Mackenzie

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Like many first time visitors to Anglesey I wasn’t sure what to expect after a long hike up the A5 to the top corner of North Wales. The circuit approach narrows down to nothing more than a farm track, but once in the paddock a circuit appears that would rival many on the current BSB calendar.

The surface, layout and safety here are first class, not to mention the stunning coastal backdrop which is pretty when the sun shines. But beware – it can also deliver the harshest Welsh weather. Power and shelter are limited in the paddock (hence no BSB here yet) but the café is excellent.

Anglesey also has a superb website (, but the best thing is the track surface – grippy and wide. It’s also very consistent with no sections that unexpectedly tighten up and no hidden surprises if you happen to run off line. You can see most of the corners ahead and if you get in a little hot then simply rolling off the gas should see you stay on the black stuff.

Put down the Welsh rarebit as Niall walks through a lap of the Philip Island of Wales

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