Top five winter hacks

Put your bike away and continue to ride through winter by buying one of these affordable hacks.

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Submitted by Visordown on Fri, 30/12/2016 - 10:00

1. Yamaha Diversion 900

Weather protection, a shaft drive, plenty of effortless power and torque and an engine that will probably outlast the pyramids – the Diversion 900 is a bike that bats away winter like a fly.

Twelve years after it went out of production, the XJ900 retains a devoted fan base in the active Diversion owners’ club, and with good reason. As workhorse, a tool, a bikers’ bike, it’s tough to beat.

Very nice-looking examples are available on eBay for around £1,500, often already accessorised with top boxes and heated grips, and with mileages that barely scratch the surface of what these machines are capable of.

The XJ600 Diversion is worth a look too but the 900 is the daddy.

Engine: 892cc air-cooled in-line four

Power: 89hp

Torque: 57lbft

Dry weight: 239kg

Seat height: 795mm

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