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Top five middleweight retro bikes

Five of our favourite middleweight modern classics

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Submitted by Visordown on Tue, 11/04/2017 - 13:02

Middleweight retro bikes

WHEN IT comes to modern classics, we’re spoilt for choice and have been for a while.

And our appetite for contemporary classics doesn’t look like its satisfied yet because if you thought that the end of 2016 signalled the peak of modern retro machinery, you’re wrong because we’ve got yet more new models to choose from this year, with offerings from Honda, Triumph and BMW.

With that in mind, we’ve been looking at some of our favourite retro-style bikes and have put together this list of our favourite five middleweight retro bikes. With the popularity of modern classics drawing so many people in to bikes, or back to riding again, these are some of the important bikes that are fuelling a renewed interest in motorcycling and riding, opening more people up to motorcycles and getting more people riding.

The bikes in this list are all at the more accessible end of the modern classic genre – in terms of price, power, and what kind of licence you need to ride them. We’ll have a complimentary list of big capacity offerings on the way soon.

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