Top 10 wildest custom bikes ever built - 07. Re-flex-tion

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Posted: 1 July 2010
by Jon Urry

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07. Re-flex-tion

Kris Krome
Country: USA
Cost: £250,000
Time to build: 23 days


Engine: Triumph T120
Chassis: Stainless steel
Brakes: Jay brake
Wheels: Custom
Power: 49bhp

With the Re-flex-tion the idea was to inspire the motorcycle industry in general. It’s completely different to anything before, but is fully usable and rideable. The bike has been on the drawing board for some time as we have been progressing the articulating design for a while now as we believe it will open up a whole new doorway to how a motorcycle can function.

Re-flex-tion has two pivot points and essentially has a very long rake but a small trail, we moved the bike’s geometry to a different location on the motorcycle, the actual ride and functionality is the same, it just gives a very unique feel. This concept gives you so many new directions for frame building and motorcycle design, and it rides well. This bike gets ridden on the road and at low speed it feels a lot like a chopper, but at high speed it has a very natural motion, you quickly get used to it and it feels part of your body when you ride. I think it adds a whole new level of performance to a bike.

Believe it or not we built this bike in 23 days, start to finish. We started with stainless steel straight tubing and polished aluminium and 23 days later took it to Sturgis. There is no chrome on the bike, just polished metal, we were working 20-hour days to get it done. The engine is off a 1970 Triumph Bonneville, we thought as it was the 50th anniversary of the Bonnie it would be a fitting tribute to use it in the bike.

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