Top 10 wildest custom bikes ever built - 02. Bender

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Posted: 1 July 2010
by Jon Urry

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02. Bender

Dmitry Motkov
Country: Russia
Cost: £130,000
Build time: 3 years


Engine: Revtec 100Cl
Chassis: Tubular steel
Brakes: Rear sprocket
Wheels: Ricks
Power: 105bhp

People are surprised to hear it but the Russian custom bike building scene is getting pretty big. There were 39 bikes entered in the Moscow Custom and Tuning Show in April and we are seeing more and more builders appearing every year. The competition is very good, but I won the show and was asked to take Bender to America which was a dream come true as the AMD show was its inspiration. I started building Bender in 2006 when I saw the bikes entered in that year’s AMD Championship. I was inspired to build a beautiful bike and take it to America, which three years later I succeeded in doing.

Unfortunately we didn’t win, but I am still very proud of the bike. People ask me why it is so black, but I chose to keep its design very dark because Fine Custom Mechanic’s company colours are black and steel. Anyway, I like the dark look, it is very Russian.

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I want this one.

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You realise this shows up on every single one right? :P

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