Top 10 tips when buying a used bike

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Posted: 20 August 2010
by Visordown News

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THE SECONDHAND bike market can be an intimidating place for any motorcycle novice. Whether a rider's looking to buy their first machine from a dealer or a private seller, several simple steps should be followed to help avoid the chances of splashing out cash on a sub-standard motorcycle.

Ideally, your purchase should be in decent condition and free from corrosion. Go for the best model you can find - it's out there waiting for you. Set your standards high, rather than settling for something that's below par. Put in the effort and you'll probably be rewarded with a decent machine.

Know the market

Spend time researching details about the model of bike(s) in which you're interested. Scan the internet, do some research on owners' forums, read back issues of motorcycle magazines, ask questions on Visordown for things to check on the bike of your dreams. Check out our comprehensive bike reviews. Call your local authorised dealer for first-hand advice on the machine you're after. Keep a written record of all your findings for reference when you go to view.

Look at as many adverts as you can on the type of machine you want. Get a feel for the market value, the average mileage and the popular modifications. Become knowledgeable about what can go wrong; has they're been any factory recalls issued?

In short, become an expert on your chosen machine, so when you go to view you've got some idea of what to expect and stand less chance of being bamboozled by any waffle with which the owner may try baffling you.

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Remember that the seller is more that likely lying.

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