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The motorcycles that defined the last five decades

If you only bought one motorcycle a decade, it should have been these

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 08/12/2016 - 14:04



I was passed by a very nice RD350LC only last Sunday going down the A38,looked standard except for expansions,guy turned off at Saltash. Despite their image they' were also very nice bikes to ride and a lot more torquey than you'd expect.
The old Blades are fantastic bikes,prices are rising but you can get a really nice one still for around 2 grand that's as fast as anyone would want to go on the road and comfortable enough to do long distance rides on.Fantastic build quality and if you find a good one and look after it you might even make money on it a few years time.

You wrote" "Today there are three types of motorcyclists: those that have an LC in their garage, those that would like one and those that are too young to remember."... No there is a forth type of motorcyclist... Like me they remember the LC350 and like me they have a list of a hundred other classic bikes they would rather have in the garage thanks!

I owned a '75 RD350B! That ages me I am sure! Wish I still had it although I did have an awful lot of crashes.

I think that The Japanese has lost the track in relation to the retro motorbikes, and they have plenty of models that with modern engines, brakes, suspension, material and other little mods, will do best sellers, like a Katana 1100, Kawasaki Z (late 70's), Xt 500, Honda CB 750 (the current 1100 is too expensive, no need for a 1100), ....and dreaming an RC 30 (based on the VFR 800), Rd 350 (if 2 strokes were cleaner with the environment)...

Problem with the retros is they will have to meet current emissions standards which means water cooled 4 strokes, plus they will have dodgy Japanese retro styling......

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