Stoner: Safe circuits = dangerous riding

Not afraid of a bit of controversy, Casey speaks out again

Posted: 25 June 2010
by Visordown News

CASEY STONER reckons that the increasing culture towards larger areas of run-off is creating a mentality that tracks are safe and therefore riders are taking bigger risks.

The former MotoGP champ thinks that riding would be better and safer if riders thought that a mistake would have greater consequences. Instead Stoner thinks riders are taking bigger risks, knowing they can run off at certain corners and not end up rolling through the gravel.

Stoner said: "The riders have no fear anymore. They keep on going further and further and it's going to come to a point where everybody starts to smash into each other - and that's kind of what we've seen with Moto2, it's become dangerous in that aspect, they have no respect for each other."

Stoner then went onto say: "Everyone crashes, it's part of this sport. If you take away crashes, you remove fear, then the sport's completely different to what it used to be."

Circuits too safe? What do you think?

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I completely disagree with stoner about his moto2 vision... Why would worldsbk be otherwise so hugely populair among the visitors?? 

Because they are racing on the limit, clashing into eachother when overtaking, etc!

As an example, last year in 'ramshoek'-corner at Assen, +200km/h kneedowning trough the corner and with body work that is clashing against the rider next to you! That's racing!


Posted: 25/06/2010 at 12:42

hes a dick, it obviously takes alot of respect to ride that close and that hard with each other and when its that close all the time things will obviously go wrong now and again. also im sure that fact that its a enw championship in moto2 with all enw bikes ahs something to do with the ammount of crashing.

hes just having a cry because hes not winning anymore.

Posted: 25/06/2010 at 13:18

He's got every right to make comment if he see's fit and he might have a point about the riders lack of reasonable fear on increasingly safe tracks, if you look at the amount of crashes over the last two weekends. 

Also Mobus you go on about respect, yet you call a former word champion a dick. 

Posted: 25/06/2010 at 15:28

This guy knows what he is on about, you just need to look at F1, the problem with F1 is exactly what casey is talking about, it has been made too safe and he and we dont want that for the pinical of bike racing, whether it be motogp, 125's moto 3 or moto2. Casey is afterall a deserved world champ, even though im a die hard valentino fan i can safely say that Casey is one of the best we have ever had so why would all these wannabe's posting on this website want to disagree with him, surely he is one of the best guys to make this comment as if any1 is going to take notice of fans when it comes to making exciting racing england should be creditited after all they are the guys providing 'THE' show and lets face it we would pretty much all like it to go back to the racing of years gone buy, if his opinon is that this is having an effect on present time racing who are the fans to argue?! ......... Answer we dont make the differance, the real GP fans would go and watch regardless what the racing is like as it will always remain the best of the best.

Posted: 26/06/2010 at 00:49

I have to disagree with Stoner on this one.  Whilst we are seeing more crashes caused my more of the field being right on the limit I would think that this is more down to the nature of the bikes where the performance is so similar so to get ahead you have to push the limits more than the other guy.  

As far as moto2 goes, I think it's been amazing to watch and, to be honest, better racing than the motogp.  

If there's a problem with too much crashing into each other then possibly adjust the rules to further penalise anyone who takes another rider out when attempting to overtake?

Posted: 26/06/2010 at 14:28

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