Rossi's Phillip Island crash sequence

The Doctor falls off down under

Posted: 17 October 2011
by Visordown News

VALENTINO Rossi crashed out of the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island.

The 9-time World Champion lost the front after overtaking Suzuki's Alvaro Bautista for fifth place on lap 14 of 27.

Rossi qualified 13th on the grid, however he started from 11th after Lorenzo and Spies both withdrew from the race.

Rossi said of the crash: "Unfortunately, I lost the front when I passed Alvaro, and I'm really disappointed because I didn't expect it. Evidently, despite all our hard work, we still haven't solved this problem."

This is Rossi's third in-race crash so far this season.

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I think it shows the difference in belief. before when rossi was with yamaha i thought he was going to sort out the ducati and his riding abilities would overcome the bike. I thought he had the skills to take on any bike and work with it no matter how it was set up. Now it seems Stoner is showing his true skills on either machine and is making the rest look like they are out for a sunday drive.

Posted: 17/10/2011 at 14:33

Rome wasn't built in a day. Rossi has made massive in roads into making the machine better, so next year should prove to be interesting. Dont discount Rossi just yet.
Stoner is indeed an excellent rider....his style suited the Duke very well, but I do wonder if his previous season of regular crashing (yup...already forgotten, as was Lorenzos regular crashing too before he opposed to Rossi, who is just about inch perfect and hardly crashes) set him up better to ride the Duke, more of a bloody minded style as compared to Rossis very meticulous and calculated style.
Rossi would appear to be taming the beast, even if the MotoGP is about finished, each race is an opportunity to learn and improve the bike....practice sessions, and qualifying...and the race.

I personally think the team is now on a massive development program for next year...and next year will most likely see the return of Rossi to the front of the pack with all the other manufacturers moaning that the Duke is too good....its a cycle....its Honda this year, it'll be Duke next year....very similar to when Aprilia dominated WSB last year and manufacturers were moaning about the valve gear train...ffs. didn't do them much good this year, so the moaning was needless and pathetic......just race!

Good luck to Rossi, well done to stoner, and hopefully Lorenzo and his forced antics/lollypop licking will be relegated to yesteryear.

Posted: 19/10/2011 at 04:37

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