Rossi better than Stoner, says Brivio

"Casey doesn't have Valentino's ability to understand what the bike is doing and what it needs, and that's why he crashed so much at Ducati."

Posted: 23 November 2011
by Visordown News

VALENTINO ROSSI'S personal manager Davide Brivio has stated that Casey Stoner doesn't have the superior understanding of a bike and analytical ability of the Doctor.

GPOne have taken an excerpt from a new book about Rossi called 'Il Capolavoro' (The Masterpiece), in it Brivio says that the two main reasons that hampered Rossi in 2011 were Stoner's history at Ducati and the Bridgestone tyres: "Stoner is very fast, and he has the ability to get the most out of the bike he is riding. But [Casey] doesn't have Valentino's ability to understand what the bike is doing and what it needs, and that's why he crashed so much at Ducati. This doesn't help the engineers develop the project."

Of course this is strictly the opinion of Brivio, defending Rossi after his difficult year adapting to the Desmosedici. Although he doesn't mention the frequent falls that the seven-time champion had himself.

In relation to the struggles with the Bridgestones, he added: "There used to be greater options with the tyres you could try different setups, and you had more flexibility when setting the bike up. Now you need to develop the entire bike around the tyres, and the Japanese manufacturers have been better at doing that."

Even with all the difficulties in 2011, and the fact that it was Rossi's worst ever season with no wins, the Italian team and rider still remain positive. "Despite all the problems, I see Valentino and the team giving the same effort as always, with the same enthusiasm and passion. He has always worked hard to refine his talent, training intensely and studying the sport down to the finest detail."

So far the book is only in Italian and details why Rossi left Honda for Yamaha and again the story of leaving the Japanese manufacturer for Ducati. Amongst the behind-the-scene tales is an interesting anecdote that highlights the greatness of Rossi's mind: "During the 2006 Sachsenring race, it was Rossi, Melandri, Edwards, Hayden and Pedrosa fighting for the win. By the end Valentino managed to open a small gap and take the victory.

"After the race, he told us that he tried to break away after he saw Hayden pass Pedrosa on the big screen televisions at the track. The two Honda riders were wearing obviously wearing the same colors, and nobody understood how he could tell them apart at that speed.  But Valentino said he could distinguish them from their helmet designs."

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I think the jury is out to be honest. The 9 world titles VR has screams class, and we all know he's got bags of that. And Stoner's 3 world titles prove hes VERY special as well.

I just think they are 2 very different riders. Casey has the ability to ride round a bikes problems. VR fixes the bike, for everyone. Nowhere has this been more evident with the Ducati project. Even VR said after the first time he rode the (as was) GP10 "whatever they are paying Casey, it's not enough".

Even at HRC this year, it's very evident that Casey is ringing the neck of that Honda, it's constantly out of line. But that's the way he rides a bike, and it's worked like a charm this year. No one was ever gonna get near him.

As I say, I'll reserve judgement on this until end of '12. Now VR has the chassis he wants, he's really got no place to hide. (I for one will be cheering on the GOAT).

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 11:25

I agree. Stoner is a hard arse rider, true racer, mad, but not a bike developer. Gardner actually said that 2 years ago. Rossi has done way too much in racing to be 'taken over'. Its easy to forget the past. Rossi was untouchable. He's such a good rider and we all seem to have forgotten that already.

Im an Aussie, and have been a huge fan of Casey since his first 125 days. But Im still a bigger Rossi fan, the guy has way too much class. And add personality and well....Rossi kicks arse, the sport would be almost dead if he didnt come along. He lives with personality and he rides with personality.

Rossi is not just the better than Casey, he's the best ever, its an easy decision that one.

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 11:54

Pagik - Does Casey have 3 world titles I thought it were 2.
You are right though, numerically it is Rossi, but this season Casey has been on fire, if you remember the mid 80's, Lawson was cool and calculating and was tops at getting the Yamaha set up then you had Spencer who made the Honda dance while he just stretched the throttle cable ever further.
Like you i'll see what happens this coming season ...

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 13:29

Many apologies Timpster, I was getting a little ahead of myself. Yes, it's only 2 for Casey, doubtless there will be more in the future though.

This whole new tyre allocation with testing is going to make things a lot more interesting too. Fairly certain Ducati were the biggest advocators of this in the paddock. (they'd be mad NOT to have been).

Pndyman, you are right there, people do seem to have forgotten just how good VR actually is. And yes, the sport would have died on it's arse without him, but, it's playing into VR and his crews hands, because lots of people will have written him off. (clearly those who are not in the know) but it's happened. This take the pressure a litte off Vr and JB and crew, they go quietly about their business, and come back properly next year.

I think it can only do good for next year, IF that GP12 gets going (which I am fairly certain it will), and Dani stays fit, Jorge actually does some development work. All that along with Casey, and Ben Spies, throw in the CRT bikes, and I reckon we've got a great year in front of us next year :)

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 13:44

Casey has 2 world championships and dont forget his title for winning the match races at 3 sisters, for Ireland.... and oh yes he did..!!

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 17:23

A history lesson if I'm right in what I say, so please correct me if I'm wrong but lets not forget the slander VR got whilst on the Honda. How it was the bike and not his talent that was winning him races. Then moves to Yamaha. A bike that wasn't that great and brought it on to pretty much dominate MotoGP.

Oh! What's that? Casey leaves Ducati to go to Honda?? To jump on the best bike on the grid??? And people want to call him a bloody hero??

Can I remind you of Laguna Seca, Rossi's move on Stoner into the Cork Screw, what was Casey's mood like after that race? Pissed! (Bad loser)!! Rossi's move on Jorge on the last corner at Barcelona. Rossi's move again on Jorge at Motegi. When have we ever seen moves like that in recent history from ANY other rider? The only other rider that showed potential to rival VR's BRILLIANCE was Marco Simoncelli.
All the past greats of MotoGP and Superbike NEVER mention Casey for excellence but, each and every one of them from Schwantz, Doohan, Meladin, Rainey all talk of VR's unrivalled skill.

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 18:09

Massive respect to Stoner for the way he rides, he is amazing to watch. The thing that makes Rossi so much better though is watching them actually race.. Give stoner a hard, man to man race and he doesn't like it. It's how rossi beat him a couple of seasons back.. Give Rossi the same race and it would be a showdown to the end. That's what makes a great racer for me, not just disappearing to the front.. That's what made Simoncelli amazing too. Now he was a true racer..

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 19:12

"Casey doesn't have Valentino's ability to understand what the bike is doing and what it needs, and that's why he crashed so much at Ducati."

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Whats Rossi's excuse for all his crashing then ??

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 22:19

It's not really a question if Casey is better than Rossi anyway. Casey was bred in the 125's and 250's where he was always in the shadows of Pedrosa, the latter heiled as the messiah. But he wasn't, he was just a naughty boy. Stoner made comment once in 250's that he just wanted to beat Danni in this race today to show everyone Dani isn't as good as everyone thinks he is. I think Casey crashed in that race, but it all came true in the end. Stoner is a shit hot rider, don't be dissing him. His achievements this year have nothing to do with being on the best bike. Dani has had factory Honda his whole career and hasn't cut it yet. Stoner just proved he should have.

Posted: 23/11/2011 at 23:11

what a load of bollocks

2011 world champ
and the most wins in the 800 class on a ducati
can not set up a bike

brivio your talkin out your a@@e

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 00:13

Not to nitpick, but the "Whatever they pay Casey to ride this thing..." quote was from Nicky Hayden following his first test of the Desmosedici after leaving Honda for Ducati.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 01:52

To those who say Stoner can't "race like VR", well I'm not sure about that. I know what you mean, but...! The ability to race is mostly about mind set, and Casey is probably the first not to crumble to the mind games of Rossi, you might add Jorge to that too. Biaggi was totally buggered from behind by VR, as was that other Spanish guy, can't even recall his name now, total VR victim head cases. Rossi would hound them and play with them like a cat with a mouse. Stoner and Jorge stood much stronger. VR beat them a few times becuase he does that, he can race, but to say Stoner cant, well that's a bit rich.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 02:04

He's just talking up his man, and I like the reporter saying what we're all thinking.
Rossi is a great rider, don't forget a year ago he was fighting for the number one again till the leg broke. One year isn't that long ago and he will come back for sure.

As for Brivio's comments, Casey made the Ducati look good and now he is on a good bike he was unstoppable,
Saying Casey can't develop a bike, remember he hasn't been the only one there... Ducati had Caparossi, Bayless, Melandri, Hayden, Gibernau, that is a big list of good riders most of whom have been Champions at some stage and teamates to Casey, must mean they supposedly can't develop a bike either????.

I am loving MotoGP at the moment, there are many great riders who can all take it to Rossi now, I was so looking forward to seeing Marco on the big bikes, shame that will never be.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 03:36

Hi , I m new here. Im a big fan of VR N motogp. No one can match the potentials of VR. But to be honest, i have observed keenly that VR is losing something. When he was on Yamaha with lorenzo, he was unable to produce gap bw him n jl during a race. but when lorenzo was ahead of vr, he always produced the gap. Remember that both riders had same bike n same tyre options. Similarly, casey won races in 2009 & 2010 sseason on the same worst ducati with carbon frame n all other shits of ducati but vr n hayden both could not produce the results. Rossi knew everything then why he jumped over. people remember the winner only, they dont want to know the problems of loser. Rossi is all time great champ, he should go on some winning bike inspite of being a mechanic or some test driver for ducati. Ducati could not produce a winning bike in one year with vr n i have doubts for 2012 as well.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 06:26

I think the whole thing about Stoner not being able to develop a bike is misguided, but I can see how it would seem like that to some people, no one else has been able to get anywhere near what Casey did on the 800 Duke. A mate of mine always pointed out to me just how effing hard Stoner rode that bloody thing, he essentially used to kick it round the tracks. It was never in line, and always looked like it was complaining at every corner. I think THAT is the strength Stoner has, he can ride around problems. Gibernau and Melandri certainly couldn't do it. Bayliss had a bit more luck, and I thought when Ducati got Nicky in it would help.

Casey races bike for a living, he's NOT a showman. He's not interested in all the other guff that goes along with the Moto GP paddock, and, to be honest, it's something he's gonna have to work on if he wants to be accepted. BUT, when someone beats him fair and square, he's the first to admit it. (albeit with some excuses thrown in for his performance usually - see Mugello this year)..

Of course Brivio is talking VR up, it's his job ffs.

I simply cannot wait for next year. Because I think VR is gonna be back at the front with the rest of the "aliens", and then we'll see some proper racing, which is, at the end of the day, what we all want imo.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 08:58

What a laugh! If Rossi is so good at setting up a bike why is the Ducati so slow?

Why has it taken all year and not won anything?

In fact, Rossi's own chief engineer said only a month ago that they were lost with the direction and that it was up to Rossi to provide a direction but they had to wait for the 'penny to drop'.

Obviously Rossi is no genius.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 09:04

No tack, you are clearly right there, he's a washed up old has been that just got lucky (9 times)....................

Oh dear oh dear....

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 09:10

rossi was a great rider but is losing it .when you start complaining about the tyres every body is in the same boat.rossi has had the same engineer to help sort out his problems for years. casey has had to do it a lot harder to achieve his titles.he rides the bikes in true dirt bike style and takes it truly to the edge. remember the likes of kevin shwantz. stoner has a great article in a local bike magazine explaining how to maximise the tyres in hard cornering

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 11:17

racers and riders...Casey a very good rider, Rossi a brilliant racer

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 12:11

aqim, i disagree on tyres, every single ducati has struggled, that struggle has getting worse since the 2007 glory year. Stoners results year on year (1st 2007, 2nd 2008, 4th 2009/2010), so this bike has been getting worse, not better. I strongly believe that for the last few years the bridgestone tyres have got BETTER for twin-beam frames and WORSE for stressed member frames (i.e. Ducati).

Rossi or no Rossi, look at his old races, he makes time up on braking and extremely late trail braking on corner entry, nearly all of his passes are here, if the front of that bike isnt working then it's not going to allow him to do this, thats where the time is going.

As Pagik has said Casey manhandled that bike around every corner and normal physics would dictate that the machine should have crashed, but casey rode it like an animal, most good australian riders do this (Casey, Bayliss, Doohan) - they're brought through on dirt tracks and thats how they ride.

Rossi (and the italians/spanish) are different, they're smoother and more precise, they're about lines and apex and everything being smooth. Both are very different styles and both do very different things to fuel and tyre usage.

Rossi didn't get lucky 9 times, that just doesn't happen, if you think it does maybe you should get a pass to and watch some of the wins from those lucky races where everyone else couldn't be arsed and didnt want to win the championship.

All in all, i think Stoner is an amazing rider and he will be a very tough force to beat next year. This year Rossi and JB didnt get their way, they didnt want an L4 Stressed Engine, they didnt want a CF headstock and they wanted a weight distribution that was unachievable with the gear they had. The 1000s however are a different story, they will have a V4 and an alloy frame so whether you like him or not, get used to a ducati being near the sharp end again. With JB (bear in mind since about 1985 this guy has been the crew chief to nearly all champions) and VR given the tools they want (a machine that JB can setup to the style of VR) then the outcome will change somewhat.

I look forward to seeing better racing next year, but i'd say its naive to write VR off already, sure he's had a bad season but Stoner wouldn't have been much further ahead if he'd stayed with Ducati this year, it was all going this way anyway. Heres hoping the 2012 bike is better because if it's not then Ducati are going to struggle to justify staying in MotoGP.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 12:12

This guy of course doesn't have a vested interest in saying Mr Rossi is better than Mr Stoner - isn't this about book sales and stirring the pot to gain attention.

Fu#k off Brivio - your breath smells of Valentino's dick.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 13:39

Hey lads! that's a little bit harsh taking lots of things from Casey actually did when it seemed to be impossible to others. How can You judge Casey can't develope the bike as well as Rossi or he just can't do it at all? Rossi said this year that he only rides bikes, not develope them...and Casey hadn't a chance to develope bikes as LCR was pure satellite and Ducati didn't allowed him to change anything or just ignored his suggestions. I would say Casey will have his first chance to do anything in 2012 as it will be new class and Honda respects him giving him enough resources to work fully.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 13:56

I'm inclined to agree that Stoner is not as good a 'racer' as Rossi. But, and this is the crucial bit, you don't have to be when you're in the lead and ten seconds ahead of the next guy!

Each of them brings something different to the track. And I've been glad of something interesting to watch this year (in Stoner's incredible riding) while Rossi sorts out the Duke.

I seriously hope the class is more entertaining next year though. It couldn't be a lot worse than this year!

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 16:04

"Casey has 2 world championships and dont forget his title for winning the match races at 3 sisters, for Ireland.... and oh yes he did..!!"

Yep, he did and I was there, and got one of the races red flagged when I crashed!

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 16:59

Bear in mind that Yamaha and Honda have had a long time learning about tuning beam frames, so it may take Ducati more than a few months to sort things out. I don't see it as the miracle cure that it is made out. In fact - the change in tyres could well make the biggest difference.

As for Rossi v Stoner: Obviously Rossi is the greatest racer of the modern age but, I think it is fair to say that his ability to dominate his opponents mentally has helped along the way. But over the last few years he has been unable to do this with Lorenzo and Stoner. Even if Rossi hadn't broken his leg, I still think Lorenzo would have taken the championship in 2010.

I like Stoner, I like the fact that he doesn't play the media games and ultimately (it appears) doesn't care what the press or ourselves think of him. He is a bad loser because he is there to win. He is the first to concede that another rider is simply better than him (on the day). In fact he is probably the most honest rider in the paddock.

As for skill: I have watched breathless at how he rides. I couldn't care less how well he can develop a bike, I want to watch someone do something that I know for a fact I could never emulate and Stoner does that better than anyone else. For sure he is still growing and I think he will win more titles.

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 22:26

Of course.

Posted: 25/11/2011 at 14:08

Very very cheap of Brivio to say this !!! Even de Rossi fans don't believe him !!

Posted: 25/11/2011 at 20:20

Rossi the GOATEEE

Greatest Of All Time Excluding Eight hundred Era

Been going down hill for him since he lost his magic tyres flown in every race.

As for the Laguna Seca pass, he was clearly off circuit and if it were anyone else they would have had been penalised with a ride through for not giving the place back.

VR, undoubtedly a great talent, amazing on the brakes, but take a look at the stats since the change in tyre rules.

Posted: 26/11/2011 at 08:12

Brivio must be got an amnesia :D this year Rossi + Ducati crashed down more than Casey last year
Good rider need ability how to win the race with whatever bike n support he got, doesn't need good ability to develop bike. In this case Casey have supertalent to win the race, and Rossi just better as a development rider not as a racer
Casey has a great development skill where only him could win with his bike not his teammate or others. But Rossi could develop the bike which other rider could beat him with his bike, in term of rider it's ashamed

Posted: 26/11/2011 at 14:53

IMO Duke - I agree completely. Rossi did have things his own way and since the tyre rule. Dominance, what dominance. Best thing they ever did.

And let's talk about a racer. Why did Rossi leave Yamaha? Was it because Lorenzo was showing him how it was done? The garage wasn't be enough for two egos. Didn't Rossi give Yamaha an untimatum? Lorenzo goes or he goes. Credit to Yamaha, they spotted that Rossi was now past his best and with the likes of Stoner, Lorenzo and Sic (rip) coming through, his days were numbered.

Brivio - crashes? Hmmmm how about crashes and taking other people out? Jerez 2011? Can't remember the last time Stoner crashed and took someone out. He crashed when he's pushing himself. Pushing and crashing a little seems to have worked pretty well for him because now he's in cruise control.

Posted: 26/11/2011 at 20:33

I can't believe people still hark on about Rossi's development skills... he's openly said he hadn't a clue, he didn't develop bikes & it was up to Ducati to supply him a bike he can ride... if saying you can't ride a bike is development then yes, he's a development god. He's also said that Stoner's ability on the bike kind of f**ked them up for this season.

I hope Ducati do supply him a bike he can ride so he can be competitive again (at which point he'll be falsely declared the Development King) but his inability to ride the CF Ducati has cost them a year now... he's on borrowed time.

Posted: 27/11/2011 at 10:56

Golly gee - what a load of old cobblers a lot of you spout. Comparing Rossi's Titles record with Stoner's is like comparing a Cabbage to an Apple - they are totally different things. Just for starters, when Rossi was winning Senior Class Races and Titles way back in 2001 and on up to 2005 - Casey Stoner was this little kid of 16 and not even in Gp let alone Senior GP's - so let's all just get a grip, OK?

If you make the DIRECT and REAL comparison starting from 2006 when Stoner first came into the Senior ranks - we have a VERY different story: they BOTH have 2 x Titles each but the GP's Won is so lopsided it is almost ludicrous - Stoner has 33 Wins to VR's 21 - that is a +57% buffer, lads. Sure, Stoner Won 10 x GP's last season on the Honda - but let's all take an Aspro and accept that VR had the super sorted Yamaha for 4 of the 5 years. Also Stoner "missed" more Races than VR did.

VisorDown quoting Brivio is about as valid as quoting Adriana Stone - "my casey is the better rider - nah na na na na nahhhh .."

Posted: 28/11/2011 at 09:40

Correction pagik, it was Hayden who said "whatever they're paying stoner, it aint enough". After VR's first ride, which was 48hrs after CS qualified on pole and led all bar a handful of laps on the same track, VR was still claiming CS didn't ride the bike hard enough to fully know what it was capable of, and GB was claiming it'll tale 8 minutes to work out what was needed. The best thin Ducati & VR could do is publicly admit how much they all under estimated stoner's ability and over estimated the functionality of the Desmo.

Posted: 30/11/2011 at 11:56

I love MotoGP, and was a massive rossi and stoner fan, but I am sick to death of the rossifanatics that bag Casey Stoner about his inability to develop bike and other excuses and feel the need to rant...

First of all, the factory develops the bike and the team and riders work on setup to get the best of it. Sure they point to problems during testing like this fork is better than that, but the core features like ducatis decision on carbon frame or using the engine as part of the frame is a factory decision. The idiot preziosi. Thats where rossi fans should be venting.

You can't blame casey for the state ducatis is in right now. For years ducati have been largely focusing on making a bike that the second rider can ride (ie Melandri, hayden and now rossi). They've been absolutely petrified for years that if casey leaves, they would be known only as the career killers. Entirely justified, GOAT gets on and looks a fool, who in future would want to ride one? Fact is Casey made the ducati look much better that it ever was... take a average result between casey and his teammates and ducati was actually the third, possibly fourth best bike.

Casey is the more technically minded in terms of setup, and actually diagnoses where the time is lost... Valentino has good sensitivity and can say whats happening (ie lack of feel, chatter etc), but so can casey. I would say in setup ability, casey is slightly ahead - one thing is he has never felt the need to hide behind a wall. All his teammates are able to look at his data.

People crap on about Valentino going from Honda to Yamaha and how he went to an inferior bike but developed it with his genius. WRONG!!! Yamaha pre-rossi was an occasional race winner and always had good handling, but was always down on top speed by about 3-5kms, not a lot. When Rossi joined, Yamaha installed the big-bang engine. More torque and easier to ride, effectively fixing pre-rossi yamaha's weakness... since then all other manufacturers have gone big-bang. Yamahas been best overall package for many years, until late 2010 when honda finally overtook yamaha with performance orientated pneumatic engines (2008- mid 2010, yamaha had pneumatic engine that was fuel efficient orientated).

Competition - Rossi has faced some weak competition to get his early titles... the current crop that caseys had to deal with are on a much higher level. You never see rossi toy with the competition like he used to. But still, hats off to rossi, you can only beat the competition at the time and he did. Casey is still superior since he has been around though (including 2006)

Riding ability - Rossi, like lorenzo, is a fast corner, classic 250 style racer. Needs good front end, and rides like the bike is on rails. Absolutely needs a good bike. Great on breaks, but cannot pull a gap so you will see final lap battles. Casey on other hand can pull a gap and destroy field. Doesnt mean he cant overtake, have a a look at lorenzo overtake at laguna 11.

I truly feel as an overall rider, casey is not just better than rossi, he is probably greatest ever. People thought 07 he had best bike, but that was bs. Loris said that the bike was poor handling, great power but narrow power band, making it hard to stay within it. Reason casey won title was due to his immense talent.

Casey deliberately developed his riding style for MotoGP during 250 days, which like dani pedrosa, is a early standup style. But dani style is inferior to casey, cos casey leans to the extreme (clearly evident on tv) while by is more upright, thus being on fat side of tyre and getting on power earlier. Rossi and Dovi both say they want to copy this but is difficult. Also, according to Dovi after seeing Stoners telemetry, Stoner is absolutely precise on throttle while almost never using TC. He can also rid

Posted: 07/12/2011 at 18:52

Brivio probably has pictures of Rossi on his bedsheets to. Of course he's going to say Rossi is great and play down Stoner as much as he can. Here's the thing, I like them both. Rossi has great personality and is obviously immensely talented. Stoner (to me) seems soft spoken, humble, and fairly easy going. Yes he gets pissed just like every rider does at various points, and yes he makes comments, but I don't think it makes him a cry baby like a lot of people say. Like I said, I like them both, but there is way too much Rossi fanboyism at times and they just make themselves look stupid. If someone challenges Rossi you should be happy, the struggle is what makes it entertaining.

Stoner rode well on the Ducati, and now on the Honda. That alone proves he's a talented rider and deserves his championships. Really Brivio? He doesn't understand bikes the way Rossi does? Apparently he understood that Ducati much better than Rossi has so far. Shut your dumb ass up, and give credit where credit is due. Brivio just sounds like a sore loser.

Both these guys are talented and fantastic. I hope they continue to do battle if Rossi can find something with the Ducati.

Posted: 09/12/2011 at 23:55

Well how about the look at the facts. Valentino has had a horror year at Ducati on top of a pretty forgettable final year on the Yamaha. At the same time Casey was competitive on the Ducati, which even then was widely acknowledged a "difficult" bike.
Advance to 2011. Casey on the previously pretty good Honda is instantly fast: in fact the fastest. He won 10 races and the championship. Where was Valentino? Getting worse as the year went on. And crashing. Very un-Valentino! But then he was riding the Ducati.
Now if I was Valentino's manager I too would be trying to explain how my client was "the best" even though he was plainly not even competitive. That would be my job, putting brass in pocket. But it's rubbish. Obviously Valentino is a legend, but imagine what would have happened if Casey had been on an equally capable bike for those years.
As for this clown blaming Casey for Ducati's woes in 2011, good grief! He sounds like a sycophantic school girl.
The best thing about Ducati was Casey Stoner. Now it's up to Valentino to show that he can do as well. So far, not so good.

Posted: 18/12/2011 at 03:34

Well how about the look at the facts. Valentino has had a horror year at Ducati on top of a pretty forgettable final year on the Yamaha. At the same time Casey was competitive on the Ducati, which even then was widely acknowledged a "difficult" bike.
Advance to 2011. Casey on the previously pretty good Honda is instantly fast: in fact the fastest. He won 10 races and the championship. Where was Valentino? Getting worse as the year went on. And crashing. Very un-Valentino! But then he was riding the Ducati.
Now if I was Valentino's manager I too would be trying to explain how my client was "the best" even though he was plainly not even competitive. That would be my job, putting brass in pocket. But it's rubbish. Obviously Valentino is a legend, but imagine what would have happened if Casey had been on an equally capable bike for those years.
As for this clown blaming Casey for Ducati's woes in 2011, good grief! He sounds like a sycophantic school girl.
The best thing about Ducati was Casey Stoner. Now it's up to Valentino to show that he can do as well. So far, not so good.

Posted: 18/12/2011 at 03:36

what a bunch of crap. A bike made for Stoner style (even being somehow troublesome) and after he left no being with any important modification even the best rider in the world would do badly. If it was the other way around do you think stoner would be winning? i doubt so it would has been an awful year like rossi. You know who like to talk trash about other riders, STONER, he always complains when things doesnt go his way in a fight man to man, He is the cry baby who talk crap about his ex-employers (Ducati) and now he use the excuse that he did great on DUcati so people now should take him more seriously. Well, with that last comment, I take him less serious than ever cause any engineer know you can not jump to bike or even a car design around someone else characteristic. Take Pedrosa for expample and Hayden, Pedrosa is shorter than Hayden and hayden won the championhip and pedrosa couldnt since the Honda byke works better for taller people. What happen to Hayden when he move, nothing, no more world championships and in DUcati all eggs were placed to stoner. Why do you think Stoner move to Honda?? money? no, the best bike out there and suit him better than the dam trohblesome ducati that was getting worse year after year was in Honda. I give you Stoner is a superb rider and his style is wonderful but he should keep his mouth shot and stop talking crap since he get the big prize on that.

Posted: 26/01/2012 at 01:22

Well lets face it VR and CS are both amazing riders Stoner could probably bully a V MAX into submission they both have the ability to understand things in motion but the MOTO GP has so many variables that makes it totally unpredictable thank fuck,cold brakes, cold tyres, almost all the riders have the opportunity of racing in front of a home crowd around the globe and there is more than VR and CS out there injury can play a major part ,i for one cant wait for the season start and lets hope all the boys have a safe season oh ,one more thing can we have Suzi Perry back please .

Posted: 27/01/2012 at 18:54

Sorry its Offical Stoner cant develop a Bike look at where all the other Dukes were when Stoner won his championship, Also look at where all the other Yamaha's were when Rossi won on it,
Local guy used to race with Stoner on 125's and said that a guy bought stoners championship winning 125, took it on track and said it was shite, would;nt handle so he went back to his old Bike, not saying Stoner cant ride he can, but just watch what the rest of the Honda's do this year in comparison to Stoners,
Money on Rossi top three in world championship!

Posted: 10/02/2012 at 14:01

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