Is MotoGP in trouble?

What we really want is 1000cc MotoGP bikes on carbs, with no rider aids. Oh, and 40-bike grids...

Posted: 26 January 2010
by Ben Cope

The Scot Honda team’s recent withdrawal from MotoGP must be a concern for Dorna’s power brokers. Citing costs as the reason for the team’s exit, the news leaves a grid of just 17 MotoGP bikes for 2010. This makes the so-called premier class of motorcycle racing look more like a poorly subscribed club race. As an indicator of the trouble the 800cc class is in, the new 600cc Moto2 is now over-subscribed.

Dorna is considering introducing a 1000cc format possibly using production engines to reduce costs with a control ECU to put more emphasis on riders.

This would then take what is supposed to be a prototype class perilously close to WSB territory. With limited money available to teams from sponsors all racing series are feeling the squeeze. And none more so than the mega-expensive MotoGP circus.

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