Gresini reveals CRT bike set-up

Gresini team to use an FTR chassis and Fireblade engine

Posted: 15 November 2011
by Visordown News
Yonny Hernandez testing an FTR chassis with a ZX-10R engine, but not for the Gresini team

FAUSTO GRESINI has announced the set-up for the Claiming Rule bike his team will run alongside the RC213V in 2012.

The Italian team have hired the services of British frame builders FTR to house a Honda CBR1000RR engine within the prototype chassis.

The CRT rider that will ride the new FTR MGP12 machine and join Alvaro Bautista in the squad will be announced shortly. Michele Pirro, the winner of the final Moto2 race at Valencia, is strongly linked to taking this seat.

Team owner, Gresini said: “It is a source of great satisfaction that we have reached an agreement with FTR Moto to take part in the new MotoGP series, CRT. The battle between the Claiming Rule Teams will be an exciting one and we are entering it with great enthusiasm.

"Our willingness to take part was always based on the condition that we had the right technical partner and with FTR Moto and a Honda CBR1000R engine we believe we can build a competitive bike for this new category. It is a new adventure that appeals to our racing spirit and it could prove to be the future of MotoGP. We will work our hardest and I am sure we will have great results together.”

CEO of FTR Moto, Steve Bones added: “We are absolutely delighted to start up a partnership with Team San Carlo Honda Gresini and to join them on a new adventure in MotoGP. Team Gresini has shown over the years that it is technically competent, as its numerous successes prove, and we are sure that will continue alongside FTR on this new adventure.

"The growing interest in the new MotoGP CRT category is exciting for all of us and we can't wait to get on track as soon as possible to start developing the bike and breaking new technical boundaries.”

FTR are also supplying a chassis to the Spanish BQR outfit, who have opted to use the engine from the Kawasaki ZX-10R. The bike was ridden by Yonny Hernandezin the post-season test at Valencia - finishing five seconds off the fastest time set by Dani Pedrosa on the Repsol Honda.

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yeah I reckon this CRT thing is going to be all right. I still dont get the claiming rule concept, seems wierd to me, but its already getting me interested for the competition between them and if they'll be able to beat at least a prototype bike. The only other odd concept is these bikes must be able to go faster than superbikes or it kind of won't add up, as GP is meant to be the premier class, and must be always. So I think they should be encouraged to hot up the engines, not discouraged, which you would think the claiming rule would lend itself to.

Posted: 15/11/2011 at 23:36

I think it's gonna be a only a good thing, I was a little skeptical to start with, but after reading up a little, it looks like it'll be well worth it. As far as I can tell, what happens is: if a CRT bike gets near or on the podium, then ANY team can "claim" the motor for 20,000 euros. So they can see if any team is trying to sneak "prototype" stuff in via the back door. As for them being quicker than WSBK bikes, I think they will be, I saw Dennis Noyes on twitter yesterday saying something about an RSV4 engined FTR (I think) having testing with carbon brakes and some other trick bits. I *THINK* they can pretty much do what they like with the internals as long as the bore and stroke are not exceeding 81mm..

Could really do with sitting down with Neil Spalding for a couple of hours on this...

Posted: 16/11/2011 at 10:16

So if a team has an engine claimed, they can still have another same engine they can use I assume? That makes sense.

Interesting that many are whining about this crt thing, I notice that if it wasnt the case, there might be only 10 or so bikes in the GP this year. There's a lot less regular bikes listed for next year than this year. And still there's only 14 (or so) bikes officially listed!Just proves the cost of the factory bikes is extreme and something has to be done. We cant go back to 2 stroke, that's never going to happen.

People will get used to the idea and stop complaining soon enough I reckon. A 5 second gap in the first test between the top and bottom really isnt that bad. In the 'glory' 2 stroke era (which I liked)bikes used to get lapped all the time, it was common. I bet if that happens next year we'll have all the moan merchants ( participants) claiming the death of the sport.

Good observations as always Pagik. You should be paid handsomely for consultation of your wisdom and never mind the bollocks 'tude. (LOL).

Posted: 16/11/2011 at 22:16

Awwww shucks!!!

As far as I'm aware, yes, the team that have their engines or whatever "claimed" will get the same spec again, if it's proved by the factory that buys it that its using some horrifically trick bits or is illegal then they don't get those parts. I think that Aprilia are rubbing their hands with glee over the CRT rule. That RSV4 motor is made for things like this, and according to the rumours from a the first test they had with it, it was only a fraction behind the GP10.

Everyone whinges, god knows I did when 250's were dropped, then I actually sat down and looked at it like a grown up and realised that it's the only way forwards. It's been without doubt the best racing all year, in all classes imo. Everyone states that it's gonna take a couple of years for CRT to shake out properly, and also everyone agrees it's the only way it can go.

As for the "bring back 500's" brigade. Please. Live in the now. Would you rather that Fogarty and Slight were still battling it out on 20 year old technology too? LOL. Always loved the 500's, was brought up on watching them.

Basically the way I look at it is this, if Suzuki and Aspar can't afford to put prototypes on the grid, then we're all in trouble. And CRT gets us all outta that hole.

Just a quick thought, a 2012 RCV Honda is going to cost 2.3 million euros to put on the grid next year should you want to LEASE one. Then, should you want a double clutch gearbox with it, that's another 700K. Insane costs.

Posted: 17/11/2011 at 10:09

Hope you're right re: the RSV thing, that's what West is on. Why is that engine so 'made for this'?

People always hate change I agree, Im one of them, but race bikes have always changed anyway, there is no constant. Except for the 125's, and I more lament the loss of those. Im surprised more noise isnt made about that.They're mad those things and I love watching them at the track. I cant see how 250 four strokes can go that fast, but they must have something in mind. I thought 400's might be more near the mark, but no one seems to make those anymore either.

You're right, insane costs. Do you know how much a crt is going to cost roughly?

Posted: 17/11/2011 at 10:58

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