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Crutchlow explains knife injury: 'Cutting Parmesan is a dangerous thing'

'I wish I could give you a story, like I was fighting a bear...'

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Submitted by Visordown on Fri, 08/09/2017 - 14:45

CAL Crutchlow's recent self-inflicted knife injury happened as he was cutting Parmesan cheese, he has revealed.

The British rider underwent surgery for a severed tendon to the index finger of his left hand after the accident at his training base in Italy on Sunday.

He intends to compete in this weekend's MotoGP round at Misano despite the injury. 

He said: “Cutting Parmesan is a dangerous thing. I wish I could give you a story, like I was fighting a bear or something good."

During the pre-race press conference on Thursday, he said he was cutting the Parmesan when "the knife came out of the cheese and went straight in my finger. I didn’t think anything too much of it: there was some blood and I felt a bit light-headed at first. I went to bed no problem and the next day I got up and there was still quite a lot of blood coming out.

“I got my bicycle ready to go out and I thought I best go to the doctor, and he said I needed to go to the hospital. The Italian doctors are savage – I had no painkillers or anything and they just started to pull at the finger, which I didn’t like,” added the LCR Honda rider.

“Then they noticed that the tendon was severed and in two, so they then made an operation immediately to re-attach the tendon back together. It was a bad day on Monday but I managed to ride the bike on Tuesday in Barcelona. It’s difficult, sure, but I think it’s possible – we’ll see tomorrow and on the race day.”

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