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Gone in 60 seconds? No, still there after 10 minutes, actually

Perhaps he thought if he waited around long enough, the bike would steal itself

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Submitted by Visordown on Fri, 29/07/2016 - 13:18

WE'VE seen the videos of thieves snapping steering locks and making off with bikes in seconds. But don't worry, there are definitely some really incompetent ones out there.

This CCTV footage shows a man hanging around an unsecured motorcycle, apparently procrastinating, for nearly 10 minutes before finally turning it around and wheeling it off, crashing into every nearby parked car along the way. 

It was posted on YouTube on Monday with no explanation other than a title saying: 'Motorcycle thief - Newcastle Upon Tyne.'

It's not clear whether the man actually takes the bike, as he wheels it out of shot in one direction and then walks off in the other. 

A post sharing it on Reddit calls it an 'attempted motorcycle theft in Newcastle area'. 

Know him?


... it's a hell of a drug!

I guess he used to ride in a former life and took what he saw as an opportunity to improve his status. He just forgot some of the minor details given his condition, like how the thing starts. And the fact that he'd look pretty conspicuous wobbling down the street with no gear.

On a separate note, it's quite sad that I recognise that OSD.

Ther sad part is a simple lock and chain or even a disc lock and he couldn't have taken the bike.
I'm amazed just how many high cost bikes I see, especially around London, just sitting there without a lock just waiting to be nicked. Makes it so easy for them.

The dingbat eventually goes back to collect his man bag and barista coffee before walking off. Perhaps he just thought the bike was poorly parked.

Probly dropped it just out of sight and couldn't pick it up

Well done VisorDown - posting an unlisted video...

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