MV Agusta launches aftermarket accessories wing

Head to 'MV Agusta Corse' for even more expensive bits for your exotic race replica

Posted: 8 May 2009
by Visordown News

MV AGUSTA has started its more racey arm of the business - 'MV Agusta Corse'.

The new firm will make parts and aftermarket accessories for riders and bikes, starting with the Brutale and the F4.

MV Corse will make things for what is billed as the 'aesthetic' improvement for the road rider while on the other side of the new department MVR will turn out trick racetrack bits for the bikes to improve performance.

So if you want a racey backpack it's over to MV Corse, if you want a racey upgrade for your forks or a complete track exhaust system it's over to MVR.

We quite like the idea of an MVR F4...

Click here to visit MV's new site.

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I guess this is the way thier new owners Harley Dav will push the brand,selling the brand image through clothing and aftermarket items is the way they develop a cult following and make most of thier money.It won't be long before they start appearing as product placement items in Holywood movies alongside Harley.If this is what it takes to keep MV in production I suppose its not all bad,lets just hope they dont fall into the old corperate trap and start cross badging the two brands.

Posted: 08/05/2009 at 20:41

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