Yamaha MT-07 price announced

Yamaha’s new naked given a competitive price

Posted: 26 November 2013
by Luke Bowler

Yamaha UK has just announced a price for the new MT-07 of £5,200.

The new model uses a 689cc parallel-twin engine putting out 75hp, with the same cross-plane crank philosophy as the R1 super bike. According to Yamaha this ‘enables it to develop linear torque for outstanding acceleration’.

It's £699 less than Kawasaki's ER6-N and £499 less than Suzuki’s SVF650 Gladius, it's two closest rivals. The new Yamaha also makes 3hp more than the ER6-N and 4hp more than the Gladius.

However, the MT-07 is still £225 more than Suzuki's half-faired SV650S, which uses the same engine as the Gladius.

And if you really want a budget all-rounder, it's £401 more than Honda's lower-capacity naked twin, the CB500F.  

It will be available from February in red, white, black/blue, grey and dark purple.

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It's also nicer looking than the MT09.

Posted: 26/11/2013 at 16:27

Why would you compare it to a CB500F?

Posted: 26/11/2013 at 16:35

It seems like there will be some fun budget bikes coming through soon. My Z750S cost just over 4 grand in 2005 as a pre-registered 'new' bike on interest free finance. Comments about BMWs going for less than 10 grand don't cry out budget to me whereas this really could be. Although I don't fancy downsizing to 25% less power unless the bike weighs 25% less... Is anyone else out there trying to get around on 2 wheels without breaking the bank and spending £1000 more on accessories just to make their bike louder or cooler as per the journalists on their freebie long term test bikes.

Posted: 26/11/2013 at 17:35

Sat on both at the show and was surprised to find the MT07 seat more comfortable than the MT09 because of the forward slope on the bigger bike. Several bikes I really like suffer from this design. What's it all about? Personally I don't like my "bits" squashed against the tank!

Posted: 26/11/2013 at 21:36

Well done, Yahama. That ought to put a bit of pressure on the other marques to come up with deals to match it.

Posted: 26/11/2013 at 22:28

Aaargh, Yamaha, not Yahama. I can nerev get that rihgt.

Posted: 26/11/2013 at 22:29

It's a step in the right direction &, had I not owned a Yamaha (an MT) which fell apart because I was told I was "doing too many miles" by the servicing staff (sold with 30k on it in 3 yrs?), I might have been tempted. Good for competition though.

Posted: 27/11/2013 at 07:06

Cross plane crank on a twin unless both cylinders fire at the same time a twin will always be cross plane? or am I sensing more hyper realistic made up rubbish

Good price though, always though the sv650 was quite cheap for a ten year old design, shows that some manufacturers prices really are made up (Do you hear me KTM!)

Posted: 27/11/2013 at 08:56

good price, good look.
good luck to Yamaha.

Hopefully other brands will get the pricing right too

Posted: 27/11/2013 at 09:18

so is it a 360 dg ,180 dg or 270dg crank???????

180 is lumpy
270 is like a ducati 90dg twin
360 is the nice one

Posted: 27/11/2013 at 15:43

@John Liddell It's a 270 degree crank.

Posted: 27/11/2013 at 16:25

A brilliant move by yamaha great pricing and a good looking bike. Great for us

Posted: 28/11/2013 at 09:43

his should be a real headache for companies like WK who knock out their

Posted: 02/12/2013 at 07:17

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