Yamaha FZ6 concept - a sharper FZ6?

Are the XJ6 and FZ6 models too close together? This sharper-looking concept FZ6 could be the answer

Posted: 10 August 2009
by Ben Cope

Concept FZ6 ... looks sharper and more sports focused

THIS CONCEPT drawing of Yamaha's FZ6 naked shows the direction the FZ6 could go in for 2010.

Yamaha's XJ6 and FZ6 sit close together in the range, so this sharper-looking FZ6, designed by Jérôme Vannesson an aspiring automotive engineer, is based on a modern R6 and if Yamaha pay attention to this design, they could take the FZ6 in a sportier direction.

We like the look of it, but we're not sure about the sloping rider's seat or tiny pillion seat..

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If it can do long distance easily i'd buy one, the s2 07' plate i had as a hire bike was a complete hoot, and a lot better than the hornet 06' plate (older model) that is was replaced with after someone decided Clapham High Street was a good place to turn out into the middle of the road without looking....

Yamaha could have a good seller on their hands, but whats with all the headlights on bikes looking girly these days? Gladius looking front light anyone?

Posted: 11/08/2009 at 09:47

YUK a FZ-6 is meant to be a street fighter not a naked R6 FFS god yamaha are good at making a decent race winner but are useless at aesthetics.

 new R1 looks like it was crafted on a japanese mans face after he has been involved in a car crash, and then a 3 year old kid tried to repair it, the R6 looks like someone has made the bike and then cut a hole in its face with a black and decker and made the seat out of stone, and this new FZ-6 is gonna be as bad. 

for the sake of your future yamaha consult ducati before you try and make a good looking bike, they know what they are doing.

rant over. 

Posted: 12/08/2009 at 18:20

 Yuk..hope it won't get a green light..

Design is good as it is now, just bring back decent black colour to the UK's market, and not this joke choice for 2009 - yellow or red seat..

Posted: 21/08/2009 at 09:47

you guys are sick this is the most sexiest bike i've ever seen hope it pulls thruogh top nseller if it does trust me i know a good bike and this one is great on design just hope its at least good on performance hope it makes it

Posted: 09/09/2009 at 04:21

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