Suzuki to revive Hustler name

Old sports bike title making a comeback

Posted: 25 January 2013
by Visordown News

WE hear that Suzuki has plans to bring back the classic ‘Hustler’ name on a new model in the near future.

At the moment, there’s no clue as to the type of bike the name could be applied to but looking at its heritage suggests that it would be best suited to either a lightweight sports bike – a modern take on the original T20 and T250 Hustler models of the 60s and 70s – or to a retro machine that harks back to those earlier models.

What is definite is that the firm has applied for a new European trademark on the title, with the specific intention of applying it to a motorcycle.

We can be pretty certain that whatever the new machine turns out to be, it won’t follow the mechanical pattern of the original Hustlers, which were 250cc two-stroke parallel twins. Suzuki’s new 250cc four-stroke twin, as used in the naked Inazuma, might be a good choice.

With several rivals either already selling small-capacity sports bikes or planning to introduce them soon – think Honda’s existing CBR250R and Kawasaki’s Ninja 300, as well the forthcoming Yamaha R250 and KTM’s 350cc ‘Moto3’ road bike, both due in 2014 – that must be one of the markets Suzuki is looking at. Could that be where the new Hustler will appear? Or does it make more sense to use the more familiar GSX-R brand in that market?

The alternative would be a retro-styled machine, more along the lines of Yamaha’s SR400 (the 2013 version of which we revealed earlier this week), that harks back to Hustlers of old. In the European market Suzuki has no retro machines on offer, although it does sell the traditional-looking ST250, a 20bhp air-cooled single, in Japan.

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Once confirmed Suzuki should get Rick Ross on one and reshoot this video

Posted: 25/01/2013 at 12:34

I had one of the original T250 Hustlers in the 70's. They were fast in their day and went well. I, at that age had yet to realise the importance of regular maintenance, and one day overtaking at about 90 on the East Lancs road the bike seized solid, giving me a big moment.
A stripdown revealed it had tried to spit one of its needle roller bearings out through one of the transfer ports, resulting in a badly mangled piston and bore. I lost interest after that, but someone still wanted to buy it off me for repair. I think they had a bit of a following..

Posted: 26/01/2013 at 12:18

I do hope this is the new GP bike for next year. That would make my day.

Posted: 26/01/2013 at 17:35

 To many Hustlers in the motorcycle game!

Posted: 26/01/2013 at 20:04

As soon as saw the front cover of motor cycle mechanics with a hustler doing a wheelie I just had to have one.
I got a T250R and wheelie'd it away from the guy I bought it off, I was so pumped and happy, one of the best days of my biking life!
As you can see if you look to the left old habits die hard, still a teenager inside my head.

Posted: 26/01/2013 at 20:15

Damn the friggin tree huggers and anti polution lobby...... bring back the glorious ring a ding ding of the 2 stroke twin.

Posted: 29/01/2013 at 13:50

Oddly enough I had one of the GT350's (it was cheao and not a 250, K) that did exactly the same thing, needle bearing cage collapse.

I borrowed a Hustler off a mate who'd passed his test and moved on to bigger things. It had an Avon square master ON THE FRONT and a trigonic Avon on the back. Amazingly you could nearly put it down flat in a bend.

Posted: 30/01/2013 at 12:04

BOY THANK YOU EVERONE YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY . IN 1966 WALT FULTON AND I TONY NICOSIA DID ALL THE R & D work and test riding on the Suzuki x -6 Hustler AT that time we worked for US Suzuki Motors Corp. IN SANTA ANN, CA. we also tested the x -5 200 cc 5 speed . We would race any bike that looked at us wrong . Triumph & BSA's 650 anything . and we always kick some butt. i wish i knew how to post pictures for you of the old Suzuki X -6's.

Posted: 02/02/2013 at 03:12

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