Suzuki GSX-S125 - first thoughts

Visordown's Laura Thomson has ridden Suzuki's new GSX-S125

Submitted by Laura Thomson on Fri, 01/09/2017 - 14:26

Yesterday we brought you the GSX-R125, Suzuki all-new learner legal sportsbike. 

Now, let us introduce you to its crazy, naked sibling – the GSX-S.

Visordown’s Laura Thomson rode the 'S' yesterday on its launch in Buckinghamshire.

Here are her first thoughts: 'While the two bikes share many components – including a 15hp single-cylinder DOHC engine – they are completely different machines.

'Due to a shorter chassis, and higher bars, the S boasts a much more upright seating position. Combined with the lack of faring, this makes the bike seem significantly faster than the R, despite in fact having a slightly lower maximum speed of 66.5mph.

'The brakes feel sharper, and the extra rake afforded by these alternative handlebars makes the bike a lot more manoeuvrable. At 133kg, you can throw it around easily, and it performs like a BMX on steroids.

'While ergonomically pleasing to this 5ft7 rider, it’s not hard to imagine a taller person feeling cramped on the little bike. In fact, at launch, one rider well in excess of 6ft succeeded in making the GSX-S look akin to a Honda Grom.

'The seat itself is quite uncomfortable – something we didn’t notice on the R due to the different riding position – and combined with the firm, non-adjustable suspension means that the S could become a drag after a while on poorly surfaced roads.

'But at £3699 (£3799 in MotoGP colours), these complaints become insignificant. As one launch outrider queried: ‘Would you rather have a GSX-R1000, or five of these and four of your mates?’

'I know which I’d choose…'

Laura has also ridden Suzuki's new V-Strom 250.

Check back soon for full reviews of all three models.

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