Scoop: Official new RSV4-R shots

'Budget' version of the awesome RSV4 wears an R badge. Confused? Yes, us too.

Posted: 22 September 2009
by Ben Cope

THIS is the first official picture of the new Aprilia RSV4 R, leaked from Italy.

With Aprilia, Factory is the term they use for their top-spec bikes. Unless you count the original 1998 RSV Mille; in which case the RSV 'R' was the top-spec bike and there was no Factory option. But now the RSV4 will come in two flavours, RSV4-R (basic) and RSV4-Factory (trick). Confused? Well you may not be but we are.

Anyway, back to the RSV4-R.

Aprilia has chosen the revamped Imola Circuit in Italy, the twelfth round of the FIM Superbike World Championship - which takes place there this weekend - to unveil the R version of their RSV4 to the general public.

The RSV4-R is a essentially a base model of the ultra-exotic RSV4, cutting costs by using less-expensive parts - including the suspension - which will no longer be fully-adjustable Ohlins front and rear. It is also rumoured to lose the carbon fibre fairing and ultra lightweight wheels and the Brembo brakes will be standard radial items and not the WSB-mimicking monoblocs on the RSV4 Factory.

We expect the price to be around £12,000.

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Why is it confusing? The current 'base' models of Tuono and RSV have the R designation with the 'Factory' moniker being used on the higher spec'd model with the dearer components fitted. Other manufacturers do a similar thing so why pick on Aprilia? Scotsy.

Posted: 22/09/2009 at 15:12

How is it confusing? The current RSV uses the R suffix to denote the non factory model, so far from being confusing it's clear.

Anyhow when Aprilia make a cheap version it is still anything but bargain bin spec equipment. The current RSV twin R doesn't have ohlins all round, but it is still better handling than most of the litre bikes it was up against in the market

Anyhow how many of us can do justice to fully adjustable ohlins? I know that I would cock it up before I made it better if I tried to 'adjust' everything. Great for racers, but overkill for the road.

Also the bike in the picture seems to have forged wheels. So that certainly isn't bargain big stuff.  The carbon fibre is nice but just for posing. So if I can save three grand buying the 'R'over the 'Factory', but still get a bike that looks drop dead gorgeous and will no doubt still perform supremely on the road, great. Don't forget this 'base' model is still the equal of the jap litre bikes and for similarly priced bikes they don't offer full factory ohlins at each end, so why pick on Aprilia?

It's still the best looking litre sports bike out there. (Just wish it was bigger). 

Posted: 22/09/2009 at 16:46

Dear User 77536, have you ridden one? I have done a lot of km on RSV4's and I am 6'1" and (well) over 100kg and I find the RSV4 really roomy. MUCH more comfortable than the RSV of old.

Posted: 22/09/2009 at 20:49

Thanks for that last comment Peter. I am 6'5 and 117 kg, so was hoping that the occasional comments that I had heard about the 4 being accomodating to those of a larger frame were true.

To non Aprilia folk, I suppose the R vs Factory nomenclature might be confusing. To we, the privileged, the Aprilia owners, we know... ohhhhh yes we know. And I am trying to reconcile my lust for the Factory RSV4 vs the R. I have an R version TIono, and trust me, it's all the motorcycle I need. Yet... I am planning on dropping the dime for that new Factory. Why?? I could buy two new RRs for that money. But after seeing the new RSV4 in person while visiting in Noale.... I *have* to have one....

Posted: 07/10/2009 at 04:04

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