Return of the TRX?

Yamaha patent reveals plans for new road bike

Posted: 4 March 2011
by Visordown News

IN a reversal of Honda's tactic of taking the fully-faired VFR1200F sports tourer and turning it into the Crosstourer adventure bike, Yamaha looks like it might be planning to use its new Super Tenere as the basis of a faired road bike.

New patents, revolving around the Tenere's shaft drive system, show it fitted to a faired road bike. Although these bare outlines show no detail, and may be there just as a generic representation of a motorcycle, it wouldn't be totally unimaginable for Yamaha to make such a machine.

Just as the original Super Tenere, the XTZ750, spawned the road-oriented TDM850 and the TRX850, it;'s unlikely that Yamaha has developed the entirely new 1200cc Super Tenere without giving some thought to other models it could spin off from the machine. Bear in mind that its main rival, BMW's R1200GS, shares its engine and much of its chassis with the R1200R and R1200RT – bikes in a totally different vein and yet still capable machines in their own right.

The Super Tenere's 109bhp twin and shaft drive would lend themselves to a tourer or even a VFR800-rivalling sports tourer while keeping development costs to a minimum, just as Honda has created the Crossrunner adventure sports bike by rehashing some old VFR800 parts and is planning on turning the VFR1200-based Crosstourer concept into a production machine in the near future.

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The original TRX was an under rated machine, i really enjoyed having a blast on a couple, including the Yamaha race school ones at Cadwell.

Posted: 07/03/2011 at 10:25

I totally agree with Timster, The TRX was an under rated bike. I own a 96 TRX and I´m making some mods on it to upgrade some points such as suspension and brakes and I´m modelling it on 3D with Solidworks.  I´ve a blog ( where I publish my advances on it.

I hope Yamaha launch some day a New TRX 1200!!. I published one post about this one one my blog and I linked also the the formal request for a new TRX 900 that the guys from have made from some years ago.

 I also created a Facebook group "We want a new Yamaha TRX" and I invite everyone to join in.

 If you like Yamaha TRX, you can visit my BLOG, join my blog Facebook page or support the We want a new Yamaha TRX Facebook group.

Best regards from Spain.

Marcos Armero.

Posted: 13/03/2011 at 12:24

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