Official Honda 250 Supermoto rumoured

More bikes planned around Honda's 250cc single. Could a Supermoto be one of them?

Posted: 2 September 2011
by Visordown News

Official Honda Supermoto would use the CBR250R engine

HONDA'S CBR250R was one of the stars of 2011 thanks to its cool styling and sensible price tag and now it seems Honda is getting ready to launch more models based on the same engine.

Word has it that the first is set to be an enduro-style machine, in the mould of the CRF250X but with the CBR250R's more sensible service intervals and less extreme engine design.

Expect to see CRF-influenced styling – much more like a real crosser than an 'adventure' bike – but with a more road-oriented riding position and a steel, rather than aluminium chassis.

Engine-wise, it will use exactly the same motor as the CBR, complete with 22bhp. That means you get 4000 mile service intervals.

Other variation on the theme have also been going through the rumour mill, including the inevitable naked bike version – which makes sense; strip the fairing off a CBR250, add some wider, higher bars and it's job done. Beyond that, a supermoto model would be a no-brainer once the enduro-style version is in production.

Look out for at least one new 250cc model on Honda's show stands later this year.

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Sound very promising. I tried the CBR250 but found it bit small for my long legs. If they bring this or a trail bike version of it out next year, then I'll seriously consider it.

Posted: 03/09/2011 at 19:37

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