New naked BMW S1000R produces 160bhp

BMW reveal details on the new S1000RR-based performance street bike

Posted: 4 November 2013
by Visordown News

BMW revealed details of their new naked motorcycle, the S1000R.

BMW presenters were rehearsing their script for the new bike's official unveiling at EICMA tomorrow. The bike uses the same engine as the S1000RR but it has been re-tuned for improved low-end and midrange response. The S1000R produces 160bhp.

BMW claim it has 'R DNA' and a split-face asymetric front headlight. It has two riding modes, Race ABS, traction control and a version with 'dynamic suspension' (most likely very similar to that seen on BMW's HP4) will be available.

The new naked motorcycle's name may prove confusing for some as it's similar to the S1000RR from which this bike is dervied. In fact that's because this bike is very similar to the S1000RR.

Think of the S1000R as a S1000RR superbike without the full fairing and with a set of wide bars. It should be available in dealers before March 2014.

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160 bhp ? on a dyno yes out on the road the electronics wont allow anywhere near that figure,Utterly pointless bike,more to do with marketing bollocks than useful power.

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 20:45

What are you on about kneedown? 160 bhp is plenty and the electrics won't harm the power unless it's put in a riding mode like rain. I suppose though you're just so friggin awesome on a bike you need 200 bhp everywhere you go right? I won't be buying any beemer too soon because I think they're junk but your comments are way off.

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 21:43

You'll get to full power eventually if you stay in first, shortly before you lose your license. ;)

Baron Von Grumble makes a surprisingly good case for using the S1000RR as a commuter bike, mind.

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 21:44

Kneedown why do you think the electronics will prevent you using the 160bhp on tap? My S1000rr lets me use full power anywhere as long as I have traction. And if I want full power without traction there is always the option to turn traction control off.

I'm intrigued why you think the bike will perform different on the road to on the dyno.

For the record, my initial impression is that that is one ugly nose....

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 21:56

I see BMW have perfected time travel at last (no doubt stealing someone else's design) to get this in the shops 8 months ago.

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 23:45

Kneedown, no bike makes peak power all the time - hence why it is called 'peak' power. That figure is only ever made at one engine speed, and then only ever at wide open throttle. Any other engine speed or throttle opening will give you less than this.

No bike is pointless, if it makes someone happy. It would seem, however, that no bike could make grumpy old sod like kneedown happy!

Posted: 05/11/2013 at 07:58

No more pointless than a Honda 50 step-through Kneedown.
Each bike is bought for a purpose and if that purpose is fulfilled then the bike has been a success for its owner.
It looks like a proper bike without a fairing too :-)

Posted: 05/11/2013 at 10:38

I disagree!!!!

These cad produced ,plastic rockets ,are killing Motorcycling....

Their sales would confirm that, this rubbish as been designed perfectly but not thought out by Motorcyclists, and tested on us....!

Bring back  fun,...bring back interesting concepts,easy maintenance, good quality cheap parts, AND a decent bloody MPG!!!...

Posted: 05/11/2013 at 11:12

MPG? What's that?

Posted: 05/11/2013 at 22:41

That is what Cagers get nowadays!!

Posted: 06/11/2013 at 15:28

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