New Honda ‘VF800’

Patent sketches point to budget machine with VFR800 engine

Posted: 2 October 2013
by Visordown News
Latest patent sketches show what looks like VFR800 engine in tubular steel frame
sketches show radiators moved from the sides to in front of the cylinders

FRESH details have emerged in Honda patents of what could be a new VF800 – a budget machine using the engine from the VFR800.

Sketches show what looks like the VFR800’s V4 unit in a tubular steel frame.

Radiators have been moved from the sides, where they sit on the VFR and Crossrunner, to in front of the engine.

Due to limited space left by the front cylinders, the repositioning requires two radiators, on above and one below the heads. The radiator positioning also optimises ground clearance of the planned model.

The patent abstract proposes ‘an upper radiator disposed above a front wheel and in front of an engine and a lower radiator disposed behind the upper radiator and between the front wheel and the engine’.

The design chief is listed as Keisuke Kishikawa, who was also behind Honda’s NC700s, four diverse models ranging from maxi scooter to naked, all sharing the same engine and chassis, or ‘platform’.

It could suggest the newly patented engine and chassis layout will also be shared across a range of different models.  

Earlier sketches suggested an upright riding position as would be expected on a naked bike, while the latest show a half-faired machine with lower bars.

It’s possible Honda is developing both or more variants, as it did with the NCs.

However, it’s likely to be over a year before any reach production.

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I'm skeptical about this. The words "budget" and "V4" don't pair well together, not least for the manufacturing and servicing costs associated with such a configuration. Also, Honda's range is awash with bikes built to a cost. It isn't going to be a VFR replacement, it looks too sports-orientated.

Someone tell me if I'm a bit daft for missing something obvious, but what is there to stop those schematics actually displaying a V-twin? I can't see anything definitely suggesting 4 cylinders. My money is on a Honda take on the SV1000S, only about 10 years too late.

Posted: 04/10/2013 at 18:12


Posted: 04/10/2013 at 20:47

Yeah, naked or half-faired VFR8 sounds great!

Posted: 13/11/2013 at 12:12

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