First Look: 2010 Yamaha Fazer 8

Looking suspiciously like a 2009 model, Yamaha unveil a tempting glimpse of 2010 hopeful

Posted: 25 January 2010
by Visordown News

IF DRIP-FEED press releases are your thing then this teaser picture of the 2010 Yamaha FZ8 Fazer may just be up your street.

The latest image of the inline four Fazer 8 shows a twin-headlight set up, as seen on many of Yamaha's existing models. I fact, the teaser pic could almost be from Yamaha's 2009 line-up.

The company released an image of the naked FZ8 at the back end of last year (see right).

Both FZ8 and Fazer 8 are due for release in Spring 2010.

Let's just hope this is something worth harking on about (crossplane crank etc.) and not just another load of unnecessary hype.

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