Crystal ball 2012: Kawasaki

No new ZX-6R expected for 2012 but industry speculations suggest a Z750SX may be coming next year

Posted: 23 May 2011
by Visordown News
The Z1000SX style may be transferred to the Z750

THE smallest of the Japanese “big four” is also the most mysterious when it comes to predicting its new models – with less development budget it can't slip into the predictable model cycles of its rivals.

Logic would suggest a new ZX-6R should be on the cards, but weak sales in the 600cc supersports market and a recent CARB (California Air Research Board) document that shows the 2012 ZX-6R has already been homologated with the same specs as the 2011 model means that any update we do see will be little more than cosmetic – it certainly won't be a ZX-10R-style revolution.

Instead, rumours in Japan are pointing at a new ZZ-R1400, and there's a good chance that we'll see some updates to bikes in the ER-6 range. Some are speculating that there's also a new Z750 coming (the Z750R is the latest in this family), emulating the style of the Z1000 – it's a possibility, but we wouldn't expect many mechanical changes. More likely, perhaps, is an “SX” version of the Z750, like the Z1000SX launched last year.

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I bet the panniers still wont be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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