BMW's R1200GS 'hover' bike concept

Lego Technic builds R1200GS model then turns it into hover bike. BMW does same with real thing. Q: Do BMW technicians have too much time on their hands?

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'BMW JUNIOR Company creates futuristic LEGO Technic model as a life-size reproduction,' BMW told us in a press release.

Got it? No, neither did we. But we're used to impenetrable press releases from the German marque, so we pressed on. 

And what we established is this: BMW gave Lego Technic an R1200GS to create a model of it. Then Lego Technic took the bits apart and rearranged them into a futuristic flying hover bike. 

They sent this back to BMW, who naturally did the same thing with a full-size one, to make the R1200GS 'Hover Ride Design Concept'.

The video above explains it beautifully. Our only question is: do BMW technicians have too much time on their hands? 


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