2012 ZZR1400 coming on October 10

When 200bhp just isn't enough...

Posted: 2 September 2011
by Visordown News

KAWASAKI'S new ZZR1400 looks set to make its first official appearance on October 10.

Details about the bike are sparse to say the least, with rumours ranging from an increased capacity – up from 1352cc to nearer 1450cc – to the possibility of a turbo or supercharged version.

Whatever the truth turns out to be, the ZZR will be vaulting ahead of the new ZX-10R as Kawasaki's most powerful bike, and in doing so must clearly step over the 200bhp threshold. At the moment there's some ambiguity about both the ZZR and the ZX-10R's claimed power figures, both only make more than 200bhp with the aid of ram-air, but peak at just under 200 without it.

The latest clue to the bike comes courtesy of a video – apparently an official Kawasaki teaser – 'leaked' to Bikeland.org. You can see the video here.

The endless references to “14” suggests that the bike it's hinting at will be the ZX-14 (the American name for the ZZR1400).

You can read our original ZZR-1400 review here.

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New ZX 14 . . . im pretty sure
the clue ?
it will have 1429 cc engine !!
got ZX10R computer . . . K-ACT ABS braking system and Traction Control System K-TRC
please read my blog about 2012 ZX14R : http://tmcblog.com/2011/08/22/hyperbike-kawasaki-zx14r-bakal-diupdate-serius/


Posted: 02/09/2011 at 15:54

The details on the US version are already released.


Posted: 02/09/2011 at 17:02

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