Matchless on the comeback trail

One of the oldest names in motorcycling set to return

Posted: 12 December 2012
by Visordown News

Matchless G80

CLASSIC British brand Matchless has been bought by Franco Malenotti, the Italian responsible for the reinvention of Belstaff apparel.

Malenotti has secured the rights to go to market under the Matchless name, and has firm plans in place to build replicas of Matchless classics, the G80, Silver Hawk and Silver Arrow - they will be avaliable in Italy and the UK. There are also plans for a Matchless-branded range of clothing - not hugely surprising considering the new owner's background.

Matchless is one of the oldest brands in British motorcycling, established in 1899 in Plumstead, London. The brand eventually disappeared in 1966 after a series of mergers by holding company AMC swallowed the Matchless name into obscurity. 

Initial plans extend only to low volume production, although the vogue for new versions of retro bikes combined with a successful recapturing of Matchless' traditional reputation for comfort, reliablity and relative affordability might be a winning formula.

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Is a joke, right?

They'll be Chinese or Indian built heaps that look vaguely like the originals, and come with a joke warranty and no parts availability.

To buy one, you'd have to be some daft fashion victi... oh, I get it.

Posted: 13/12/2012 at 09:19

A big thumper in a charming retro package - whats not to like?

Well if belstaff clobber is any yard stick, an over-priced product with tacky celeb endorsement, that's what.

Posted: 13/12/2012 at 12:31

Have they built even a prototype? Or are they too busy trying to sell T-shirts and key chains from their fashion boutique?

Wake us up when they actually build something!

Posted: 17/12/2012 at 01:56

Maybe they'll be... Rebadged Royal Enfields.. (cough)

Posted: 17/12/2012 at 20:16

Damn fine idea! Best of luck to him.At least he trys rather than piss and moan!

Posted: 18/12/2012 at 12:45

If he builds a V-twin, I'll buy one.

Posted: 18/12/2012 at 20:02

I've been having serious thoughts about getting a Royal Enfield Bullit but if someone is going to re invent a Matchless G800 I'll be holding onto my cash before buying. Being a kid from the 1950's I saw enough Brit singles and twins to want to own one now I'm in my 60's.

Posted: 20/12/2012 at 11:09

This article looks like "bait" to lure money from potential investors. We have seen this tactic used before, with the supposed "revival" of INDIAN, and "Henderson" brands in thwe 1990s here in the USA.
Both brand revival attemprs FAILED, by the way, leaving investors holding an empty bag.

Regarding this project: "Believe it only when wou see it."

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 17:09

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