Conflicting reports over Audi-Ducati deal

'Important' week for Ducati

Posted: 17 April 2012
by Visordown News

NEWS agencies are providing conflicting messages about the status of the talks between Ducati owner InvestIndustrial and the VW Group.

Yesterday, InvestIndustrial's boss Andrea Bonomi briefly spoke to reporters, confirming the fact that his firm is talking with VW, saying this week would be important. However, where the Reuters news agency repeats suggestions that Audi will announce its purchase of Ducati this week, Dow Jones Newswires puts the emphasis on the fact that the talks with Audi are not exclusive, saying that Bonomi has claimed there “are many others” that could buy the firm.

Both reports agree that Bonomi has not ruled out the idea of holding on to at least part of Ducati into the future.

It does seem likely that the final details of an agreement between Ducati and Audi are being hammered out right now and that an announcement of some sort, either confirming or denying the buyout, will emerge before the week is out.

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