Win a full Pro-Bolt set for your bike!

Just guess the number of components, bolts and tasty nuts in this picture

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THE winner (or nearest guess) can choose from our range of titanium, stainless steel or aluminium kits and accessories. You'll get one full kit in any colour or material available for your bike. If by any chance your bike isn't among the hundreds we list, we'll find it.

Submit your answer in the form below for a chance to win (hint: have a look at Pro-Bolt's website).

Make your bike stand out from the crowd – search by model for a Pro-Bolt kit.

Pro-Bolt are renowned for offering model-specific bolt kits and accessories taking the worry out of replacing damaged, rusty or simply heavy steel bolts. Their product range offers something for every rider and they cover a huge range of bikes.


Trusted by the best in the world of racing - official supplies to KTM Factory Racing not to mention most MotoGP teams, Pro-Bolt stunning fasteners includes a pre-drilled ranges ready for lockwiring – Ready for Racing!  Kits include Front Axle Pinch, Caliper Mount, Handle Bar Pinch, Triple Clamp, Engine Casing, Sprocket Nuts, Bodywork as well as a range of Disc Bolts, Sump bolt etc. Titanium is a massive 40% lighter than steel originals, so ideal for a track day bike or those who like their bike to look a bit special!  The titanium range is available in the factory finish, blue, gold, purple and now a new sexy black finish.

Stainless Steel

Fit and Forget!  Polished to a mirror finish, resistant to corrosion and beautifully machined, the product range is similar to that of titanium, but its pricing is within most riders' range.  Supplied highly polished and now in a durable black finish.


Make your bike stand out from the crowd!  Pro-Bolt offer bolt kits for non-stress areas of bikes – Bodywork, Screens, Engine Casings and a range of accessories to compliment – Oil Filler Caps, Bar Ends, New Drilled Sprocket Nuts, Reservoir Covers and finishing touches.  Aluminium is a massive 70% lighter than steel bolts and available in Blue, Black, Gold, Purple, Red, Orange & Silver

For any bikers carrying out project work, you can order bolts, nuts and washers individually or in tubs, workshop kits or even bolt cabinets.

You can find everything available for your bike by using the Pro-Bolt Motorcycle Search.  There's a very generous on-line ordering reward scheme, so make sure you register and reap the rewards.


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