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Watch: Thief tries to dismount moving motorcycle and plunges into canal

No jackpot for pub fruit machine raider

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 07/06/2017 - 13:57


Q: HOW difficult is it to dismount a moving motorcycle with your pockets loaded down with nearly £300 in change? 

A: Quite difficult, as the burglar in this video demonstrates. 

Along with accomplice Richard Plamer, Matthew Sadler targetted more that 50 pubs across the Midlands in a six-week spree, smashing fruit machines with hammers and pocketing £33,000. 

The pair were caught after breaking into three pubs in 45 minutes on December 2 last year. 

Police dash camera footage shows Sadler speeding at 80mph through a residential area on a sports bike before turning onto a towpath alongside a canal in Erdington, Birmingham. 

Police helicopter footage then shows Sadler trying to get off the bike before it has stopped, only to ditch it into the canal along with himself - and 285 pound coins. 

Officers said he was lucky not to drown.

Sadler, 41, and Palmer, 39, were both handed jail terms at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday of six years and four months for conspiracy to commit burglary. Sadler, of no fixed address, was handed an additional eight months for escaping lawful custody after he fled from hospital while receiving treatment.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Alan Reeves, said: “Sadler’s bid to outrun the police helicopter was always doomed to failure. In fact, it could have ended much worse for him as the weight of almost 300 pound coins in His jacket could have caused real difficulties when he ended up in the canal.”


Should have chucked him back in!

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