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Ride 2 is unleashed on sale

The highly-anticipated Ride 2 has been released for sale today on PlayStation4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM.


The highly-anticipated Ride 2 has been released for sale today on PlayStation4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM.


Following the success of the original title, Ride 2 is set to introduce new game modes, an unprecedented level of content with over 200 bikes, almost endless custom options plus a host of new tracks


The improved graphics model and sound design, improved physics, split screen local multiplayer, online multiplayer give the game an expansive universe and options for players to explore the whole two-wheel world.


“We are proud of the Ride 2 launch, it’s an extremely important IP in the Milestone lineup,” Luisa Bixio, Milestone VP, said. “We will offer several free DLC packs in addition to the paid DLC to satisfy some of the requests that came from the community. We are certain that the game both meets the hardcore players needs and is beginner friendly.”




Ride 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC/Steam.


The first game was nothing but an advert for various gear and motorcycle companies, who all pay money to be represented in the game. Improved sound design, LOL, the sounds are awful, the physics are cartoony, the tracks like the Northwest 200, are wrong, over all sloppy job Milestone is now famous for.

I was there actually while they recorded the sound! That's my KTM 690 Duke R in the game (with Fresco de-cat).

It's also one of the better sounding bikes in the game, in terms of its expression and overall fidelity. Good job! :D

Milestone will actually have paid a fee to have the labels in the game, amazingly, because it lends the game a sense of "authenticity", or some shit. The same reason the bikes themselves aren't fictional.

The modeling isn't great overall, being very inconsistent, and whilst the sound samples themselves are improved, the overall mixing ("design") isn't.

The physics are pretty good but the way the controls are interpreted to feed into the physics feels very vague and numb.

The "career" mode is a massive step backwards, in my opinion.

Modern games will have licensed brands, but the brands can pay the game developers, not the other way around, and hence put all kinds of restrictions on game play, like performance and damage modelling.
Gaming has become advertising, some brands pay big bucks to be represented in games.

I always find racing games difficult as you are operating push-button throttles and steering and you don't have any balance or g-force feedback. I wired up my joystick to the game and it is more enjoyable although it only uses half of the throttle movement so I'm still getting used to it. I think the graphics are fairly good and it seems to be a pretty good game. I've only done time trails around Donnington National so far to get used to the controls though so it might be that the career mode is rubbish.

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