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Police deliver some instant karma to bike theft suspects ramming them. They weren’t expecting that.

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 09/02/2017 - 15:44


TWO suspected scooter thieves got a surprise when a police car chased and then deliberately hit them, sending them sprawling across a road.

Police say the ‘tactical contact’ was authorised after the suspects gave them the ‘run around all morning’ in Merton, south London, on February 3.

Helicopter footage posted on Twitter shows the pair trying to leg it but both were arrested on suspicion of theft, Merton police revealed in a series of tweets.

Superintendent Steve Wallace tweeted: ‘Thinking of stealing a moped in Merton? After a protracted series of incidents yesterday, this 'tactical contact' authorised - 2 arrests.’

Detective Chief Superintendent Nick Downing tweeted: ‘Awesome teamwork, 2 more moped thieves in custody. Thank you.’

National Police Air Service London tweeted: ‘Good well done to all involved @MPSMerton @MetTaskforce stolen moped been giving police the run around all morning. 2 detained by officers.’

Police dogs were also used in the chase, which ended safely according to the force.


Police car, helicopter, police dogs..over a stolen moped, meanwhile in 'murica, 14 people got shot in the face.

... fuck off, twat.

This is a long-overdue and welcome development in the war against bike thieves. These scumbags have been having their own way, protected by the PC brigade for far too long. The law has, for the last year or so been protecting the thieves rather than their victims. Hopefully this initiative will make the pond life think twice before nicking a bike. At least if they still decide to then they know there is a possibility of injury when caught. Well done those policemen involved. Regarding "Bubbadaytona" comment above, if you are so concerned with what is happening in the US, why are you here? Scared?

If they could do that more often that'd be peachy!

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