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Mother claims ambulance took two hours to reach crash victim son

‘Every parent's worst nightmare’

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Submitted by Visordown News on Wed, 19/04/2017 - 17:54

Jamie Brown

THE MOTHER of an 18-year-old man claims he was left by the side of the road for two hours after coming off his bike near Swindon last weekend, reports the Bristol Post.

Speaking to the west country newspaper, Jamie Brown’s mother Kay Brown expressed her disgust at the ambulance service and claimed that it took over two hours for an ambulance crew to reach her injured son after he crashed his bike on gravel last Sunday.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, Mrs Brown said: ‘Jamie was led on the roadside for over two hours in absolute agony because they couldn’t get there. When they turned up he was shaking and his lips were blue. His arm looked like a slinky it was broken so bad – it was all bent at right angles out of shape.’

She also claims that after an off-duty police officer requested an update on the status of the ambulance and paramedics, the response was that one had not been dispatched.

The Brown family are understandably angry at the slow response from the South West Ambulance Service, who Bristol Post contacted for a response.

Once the ambulance arrived, Jamie was taken to hospital where he was found to have a broken wrist and broken arm in two places.

Mrs Brown intends to complain to SWAS in an effort to prevent a similar incident in the future.


To be fair to the ambulance service they are not only over stretched but answer accidents based on severity. Her son wasn't bleeding, or unconscious, he just had a broken arm so if someone else was having a heart attack they would have been seen too first. I know it seems like a big deal to her cause it's her son but in the big scheme of things he could probably got it her car and been driven there rather than wait 2 hours

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