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Martin Clunes caught on video parking car in motorcycle bay

'I don't care,' says Men Behaving Badly twonk

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Submitted by Visordown on Thu, 09/02/2017 - 10:55

HERE'S an unrepentant Martin Clunes telling a motorcyclist 'I don't care' after being challenged for parking his BMW car in a bike bay.  

Actor Clunes was confronted by 23-year-old Sam Francis as the Men Behaving Badly star loaded shopping into his car in a space clearly marked out for motorcycles.

Rather than apologise, Clunes appears to be in the mood for a wind-up.

Told he's 'not allowed to park here', Clunes says: 'What are you going to do?'

When Mr Francis tells Clunes he's never seen anyone else do it, Clunes cheekily comes back with: 'You look young. You'll see stuff.'

Who knew he was such a thunder-nugget?

The exchange is perfectly punctuated by a woman walking over and saying to Clunes: 'Hello, yeah, you haven't got any DVDs out of the last series, have you?'

Clunes then leaves and gives Mr Francis the thumbs up.



... the end of the world though is it. Definately a dick move, but not really worth all that. Just because hes Martin Clunes lol. There was plenty of space for him to put his bike there, just crack on.
Yeah hes a dick, but I'd have just said - dick move mate, please don't do it again. Once someone does it, everyone starts doing it and then we can't park anywhere. You'd be pissed if an entire car bay was being filled by a single bike.

Boom, job done, move on. Get your shopping done lad.

"All that"? Not a lot of time or effort put into this entirely worthwhile effort to forever shame this jerk.

Not really running down children or anything like that but the lad appears to me to be goading him on a bit...but then, shocker, celebrity turns out to be asshole...nothing new really...

Wonder how many times he's parked his bike in a "car" parking space? I do regularly and not had one car driver saying a word, let alone uploading a vid about it. Supermarket spaces are a courtesy anyhow and in no way enforceable. A usual case of idiot with a camera "gathers evidence" of his own idiocy.

But motorcycles are often permitted to park in car spaces. If they're not, it's usually because there's a dedicated motorcycle bay. And why would you park a bike in a car space if there is a motorcycle bay available?

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