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British motorsport threatened by EU ruling

‘Vnuk judgement’ may have unintended consequences for motorsport in the UK

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Submitted by Simon Greenacre on Thu, 22/12/2016 - 16:53

British Superbikes

THE BRITISH government has just issued a document for public consultation that suggests temporarily implementing a European Court decision known as the ‘Vnuk judgement’.

The ruling would make it compulsory for anyone engaging in any and all forms of motor sport to have third party insurance. It would be applicable to all vehicles on any kind of land and even implementing it temporarily would mean and end to motorsport in the UK.

Insurance companies will not insure against third party motorsport risks – the number of vehicle claims alone would be unsustainable for them, meaning that if the Vnuk judgement came into force, motorsport activity in the UK would cease.

Is that likely to happen? It's hard to imagine -  motorsport is a significant contributor to the British economy. The motorsport industry in the UK employs over 50,000 people, generates a total of £11 billion of sales each year and is home to world leading companies, teams and talent, and related world-leading high performance engineering industry.

A joint statement by Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), Auto Cycle Union (ACU) and Amateur Motorcycle Association (AMCA) is calling on the government to exempt motor and motorcycle sport from any changes to insurance law that would arise from the ECJ judgment.

Speaking on behalf of all three parties, Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCIA said:

‘At a stroke, this would wipe out a successful industry and all the jobs that go with it, as well as eliminating a popular leisure pursuit for 1.9 million people, along with the boost that this gives to both local and national economies. 

‘If the government implements the Vnuk judgment un-amended, British motorcycle sport would end in the UK.  Given that we are coming out of the EU, we are astonished that the government is even considering an option to implement Vnuk.  We call on ministers to end uncertainty and put a stop to Vnuk in the UK.’

The Vnuk ruling stems from a case involving a Slovenian farm worker, Damijan Vnuk, who was hurt falling from a ladder, which was hit by a reversing tractor.


Well No because we have voted to leave all this bollocks behind so they shouldn't be implementing any new European Law as they should no longer be applicable to us.

I'm sure they that will be the excuse used when they want to uphold the snoopers charter law that the European Court has just condemned

I have read some of the government paper which has brought about this story. The paper presents three options:
1) Do nothing
2) Implement Vnck in full
3) Apply only to selected newly in scope vehicles

My understanding is that both the UK and European commission are pushing option 3 and that motor sports should be exempt from this judgement (hopefully this term covers track days).

The paper seems to fully recognise the problems of applying the ruling to motor sport, citing the example of Finland where compulsory insurance ending grass roots motor sports.

It seems examples of the effected vehicles may only be mobility scooter, electric bikes, i.e. currently exempt mechanically propelled vehicle used on public land.

The paper is in the following link:

Another case of why let the facts get in the way of a good story. I guess the research necessary to provide the facts behind this story was too burdensome and then would negate the need for the story!

More anti EU bullshit. Why would having third party insurance for motorsport bikes increase the number of claims significantly? In France we have track day third party insurance added for almost zero charge to any standard insurance package. And if your bike is not insured at all, then you get coverage through your competition license. I agree this is more paperwork, and will increase costs (slightly), but no way will this make British motorsport disappear....

Non story.

Something will change regardless of whether we leave the EU or not as the issue is around interpretation of existing law and modifications needed to make things workable - the UK Government are currently consulting on this, so anyone with an interest can make their opinions known -

Actually, despite this non story I'm quite partial to a bit of anti EU bullshit! Has anyone got any more???

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