Michigan bikers: no more burning helmets

It's all about freedom, baby

Posted: 8 June 2012
by Visordown News

Ned Ludd would be proud

BIKERS in Michigan no longer need to burn helmets to protest against the mandatory helmet law: it has been repealed.

The law, originally passed in 1970, required all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet but it has been fought annually by American Bikers Aiming Toward Education (ABATE), a small group who formed in 1976.

The new law, which came into effect on 13th April 2012, states: 'riders 21 years and older who have 2 years riding experience, passed the motorcycle Safety Course and carry $20,000 of medical insurance can ride without a helmet.'

“It isn’t about wearing helmets, it’s about choice, it’s about our freedoms,” said Tom Rahn of ABATE.

Prior to this law being introduced, the fine for riding without a motorcycle helmet was around $100.

In the month following the new law's introduction there were three fatal motorcycle accidents - two of the victims were not wearing helmets.

That's freedom.

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Freeeeddddooommm!!!!! SPLAT...

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 13:10

Nice picture. Never did see a better looking bunch of brain cells.

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 14:00

I know where the winner of next years Darwin award will be from!

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 14:01

Where were they when the Patriot Act passed? That took a HUGE piece of their liberties (and will, no doubt, serve as precedent for taking ours) and I didn't see anyone complain back then

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 14:02

Fair play to their persistence I say.

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 14:21

Good for them, it's about choice and freedom

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 16:41

Stupid idiots, just wait to the day they come off their bikes or something hits them then they will wish they had a helmet to save their face/skull from being horribly disfigured/brain damaged or even DEATH!

The helmets are there to SAVE them not to make them look like woosies just because they want to look tough & cool !

As it's been allowed I think Insurance companies should have the right to refuse to insure them and then they will not be able ride legally anymore, as they don't have insurance!!

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 17:22

Why would insurance companies want to refuse to insure them? The cost of a crash to the insurer would not increase at all and neither would the likelihood of a crash.

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 18:07

As a former ABATE supporter, I can tell you what ABATE really means: Always Bring Alcohol To Events

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 18:10

It used to stand for 'A brotherhood against totalitarian enactments' but that was too obviously an anti-helmet law lobbying group name so they changed it a while back.

'Always bring alcohol' is both accurate and unfortunate, from what I've seen and heard.

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 18:44

We are talking about American alcohol here so it's about as potent as fruit juice!!

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 19:52

So let's see--"In the month following the new law's introduction there were three fatal motorcycle accidents - two of the victims were not wearing helmets."
Yet, last year, with helmets, there were 109 motorcycle fatalities for an average of 9 per month. If you account for winter months, you would expect much lower numbers from Nov thru March and much higher from April thru October.
Yet, we are talking about 3 fatalities in the month from mid-April thru mid-May--certainly tragic for the three riders and their families, but also certainly not the carnage predicted. But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of all your self-rightious indignation.

Posted: 09/06/2012 at 04:44

Freedom of choice.

Posted: 09/06/2012 at 06:36

Why make laws to enforce helmets? Those who decide to wear them are smart. The others who don't are dead, or soon will be. No need for laws...

Posted: 09/06/2012 at 10:33

Remember that bloke, who campaigned for years to get the law repealed, and died in a motorbike crash which resulted in head injuries..........

Darwin award incoming.

Posted: 09/06/2012 at 14:54

Still missing the point? "it's about choice and freedom" don't see anyone trying to dictate what safety gear mountain climbers, hang gliders, base jumpers etc. MUST wear. If you die pursuing your passion and its due to inadequate safety gear, then that was your choice, but it was a CHOICE

Posted: 09/06/2012 at 17:23

In fairness, the majority of American bikers ride so effing slow that their poor observation skills and utter lack of riding talent probably won't even lead to that many accidents.

There is a $hit biking culture here though - you're not going to be able to chat about the MotoGP or IOM TT or your suspension settings for your Triumph 675R over here even if the bloke you're talking to has a Ninja or R1 or summat.

Saw the oddest thing today: bloke on a 2nd gen Kawasaki 636 with white armored leather jacket, gloves, shorts and no helmet!!!! WTF is the point of that?

I can understand freedom but Christ most ppl here use freedom to dress up like utter twats

Posted: 09/06/2012 at 23:13

If one believes natural selection as the principle for evolution of mankind. All helmet laws should be repeal. Let the idiots ride their customs without helmets and the rest of us populate our future.

Posted: 10/06/2012 at 10:14

You fail to acknowledge that a lot of motorcyclists, who'd never ride without a helmet, also believe in 'let those who ride decide'.

Posted: 10/06/2012 at 19:12

10 Points for freedom! But wearing a helmet doesn't hurt!!!!

Posted: 10/06/2012 at 20:18

'Let who ride decide' fails to acknowledge that it's my insurance premium that will pay for your life-long medical care, years after you ceased to pay your contributions. How about freedom for me - freedom from paying for your stupidity?

Posted: 10/06/2012 at 22:22

Another reason not to visit Michigan, I don't like seeing brains on the road, roadkill as bad enough.

Posted: 11/06/2012 at 10:51

How can they talk about freedom of choice when they have laws like Jaywalking? They're not even allowed to cross the road until the green light at the designated crossing say "WALK"...!!

Posted: 11/06/2012 at 11:51

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