Mice munch Prince Williams' 1198SP wiring

Royal mice have a taste for the 1198SPs wiring

Posted: 29 March 2012
by Visordown News

ACCORDING to an inside source Prince William has been having some problems with the electrics on his Ducati 1198SP, however it wasn't a result of an infamous Italian reputation - a pack of mice have been nibbling away on the wiring loom.

The result of the royal mice munching away on the wiring of the black 1198SP is looking to be costly for the heir to the throne, with a repair bill in the region of £6000.

However, it appears that a number of people can relate to the Prince. Car insurance specialist, Admiral has just released a list of their most bizarre claims. Here are the 12 most unusual that they have handled.

  1. The front seat passenger had a puppy on their lap which jumped down from the seat. The passenger reached down to pick up the puppy but accidently pulled up the handbrake causing the car to skid into another vehicle.
  2. A car was damaged at a village fete when a miniature pony broke loose and climbed over the bonnet.
  3. A car was damaged by a peacock which on seeing its reflection, clawed the car.
  4. A driver was distracted by a camel and an elephant tethered at the side of the road and collided with a bollard.
  5. A driver drove into a telephone pole while trying to swat a fly inside the vehicle.
  6. A rare show car, a Lancia Delta Intergrale, was destroyed while in storage by a nest of mice which chewed through the leather and foam of the two front seats, partially devoured the rear seats and completely stripped the leather from all four door interiors.
  7. A car was damaged by a group of peacocks which escaped from the owner’s neighbour’s garden.
  8. While driving, a man leaned over to stroke his dog, got distracted and crashed his car.
  9. A driver caused a multi car shunt after being startled by a spider dangling from the rear view mirror.
  10. A car was parked in a woodland car park and was damaged by a male peacock which took a dislike to the vehicle.
  11. A car was damaged by rats which entered the engine compartment and chewed through internal parts.
  12. A car was damaged while parked in a hotel car park after it was attacked by a peacock owned by the hotel.

Has your airbox fallen victim to a family of critters? Tell us your bizarre animal related motorcycle mishaps below.

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Who knew Peacocks were so dangerous to motoring!

Posted: 29/03/2012 at 17:32

Bloody hell peacocks should be added to the dangerous animals list, forget pitbull terriers !

Posted: 29/03/2012 at 18:44

William sell me your bike and buy a new one....
or i have a 916 you can take in part ex. no mouse has been near my bike.

Posted: 29/03/2012 at 21:31

My motoX helmet was stored in our cellar, with the rest of my bike kit, over winter; all dried, cleaned, treated and packed away in cardboard box next to the heating boiler.

Come spring when I went to get it all out there was remnants of a couple of mice nests in my helmet, the lining was totally chewed, as was the rest of my kit, albeit in little patches.

Worse still was the mouse 'droppings' which were everywhere. All of the kit was covered in some sticky, some dried on hard, mouse crap!!!

Every item had to be binned. We then bought a cat that lived in the cellar, had its own cat-flap down there and lived 'happily ever after', mouse free!!

Posted: 30/03/2012 at 09:17

Prior to a ride, I was washing my S1000RR, When I turned the key and the servos cycled, I heard what sounded like water gurgling in my exhaust. No biggy, just fire it up and blow it out right? When I did this, it did not want to idle, but I managed to get my revs up. What issued forth was not water, but about 10 acorns! Some squirrel thought my tailpipe was an awesome place to stash his winter snack!

Posted: 30/03/2012 at 09:41

Zoo and safari parks do not even get a mention.
Peacocks the animal are revolting as it were.

Can you claim for bike damage if you are hit by a low flying bird like Haga was back in 08?
Or is killing pigeons seen as an act of god?

Posted: 30/03/2012 at 10:39

Is it just me or does £6,000 seem like a whole lot of money even for a whole loom and fitment?

Posted: 30/03/2012 at 14:56

If he gives me the 6K I'll not only buy and fit the loom, I'll take my shotgun to all the mice in his barn. Give us a shout when ya want me to sort it hazza!!!

Posted: 03/04/2012 at 18:45

Sorry, bill!!!

Posted: 03/04/2012 at 18:45

Had exactly the same problem with my Daytona 675, which is stored in a new brick garage.
Management light came on and when the dealer removed the tank, found the wiring had been chewed through.
That night evening caught four mice and a further seventeen over the next ten days.
Mouse trap is now a permanent fixture, so far this year, just one

Posted: 03/04/2012 at 22:02

I always thought his wires were munched since the time he was caught running around wearing swastikas and dressing as a Nazi.

Well, if the clothes fit......

Posted: 12/05/2012 at 22:49

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