Honda Motocompo: Friday eBay weirdness

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Posted: 29 June 2012
by Visordown News

NOT so long ago our very own Mark Forsyth was appealing to find a rare Honda Motocompo (for 'a friend' of course...) – and now not one but two have appeared on Ebay.

Both are being offered by the same dealer, the two 1982 bikes are fresh imports from Japan, unregistered in the UK. A red one is up for £1995 while a slightly cleaner yellow version is £2195.

The fold-away Motocompo is so 1980s-retro it almost hurts; an optimistic vision of a future that never happened. Designed specifically to pack away in the boot of a small car (Honda's then-current City was the one it was specifically intended for) the idea was that you could commute to the edge of a city by car, park up and then ride the rest of the way on the Motocompo. As ideas go, it's not actually that bad, even if it never took off. As we've mentioned here before, it was inexplicably advertised by Madness in Japan, complete with its own song...

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