Bike mounted Luchador vs. Mexican riot cops

Lucha Libre takes on the Mexican riot police onboard a cruiser

Posted: 25 May 2011
by Visordown News

WHERE to start. What you are seeing above is a motorcycle-mounted Luchador wrestler charging at and being fired upon by riot police. Which is pretty much what went down.

The image has been circulating Reddit and shows the Lucha Libre wrestler onboard a cruiser sporting an SME logo, an electrical union that has been banned in Mexico. The riot was in Mexico City and is part of ongoing protests that have been taking place since 2009, after the workers jobs and union were taken away by Presidential decree.

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What a dood!

Would Big Daddie have done that for the striking miners? Probably if they'd asked him...

Posted: 25/05/2011 at 10:56

GHOST RIDER drops to new lows to get fresh material for GR 6.66

Posted: 27/05/2011 at 00:35

Man, i am moving to mexico man, they have soo much fun!!

Posted: 31/07/2011 at 16:29

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