TTXGP: Brammo announce two-bike line-up

Two bikes and two riders for Brammo in the world's first emission-free motorcycle road race

Posted: 22 May 2009
by Visordown News

AMERICAN ELECTRIC motorcycle manufacturer Brammo have announced they are to enter TWO bikes and riders in the 2009 Isle of Man TTXGP.

The company have also released full specs on their battery powered bike; Brammo's machine, the TTR, runs on 8 batteries, weighs 360lbs, rides on Marchesini wheels and should be good for a top speed of over 125mph.

The TTXGP - the world's first emission-free motorcycle road race, takes place on 12th June 2009.


Battery: 8 Twelve-Volt Modules, 8 kWh Lithium Polymer, 100 Volts
Peak Battery Bus
Motor: Brushless Design, Permanent Magnet, AC Synchronous
Frame: Extruded Aluminum from SAPA, stock/production rails
Body: Stock/production Enertia body panels
Fairing: Brammo sourced, OE spec
Rear Section: Brammo Design, SLA by SCICON Technologies
Weight: 360 Lbs
Wheelbase: 55.5"
Seat height: 34.5"
Ground clearance: 7"
Forks: Brammo-spec, OE-sourced, Traxxion Dynamics AK, Gas Cartridge kitted
Shock: Elka - tunable compression & rebound
Steering damper: Ohlins
Wheels: Marchesini
Front: 17" Forged Magnesium
Rear: 17" Forged Magnesium
Brakes: Brembo - Brammo-spec
Tyres: Dunlop - Brammo-spec, Isle of Man compound

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Hmm can I ride one of these on a provisional?

Posted: 22/05/2009 at 19:55

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