MotoGP: Kawasaki out - it's official

Despite rumours of a last-minute reprieve, Kawasaki announce they're quitting MotoGP from 2009 onward

Posted: 9 January 2009
by Visordown News

KAWASAKI have officially pulled-out of the 2009 MotoGP Championship. In a statement released this morning, the factory said: "Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has decided to suspend its factory MotoGP racing activities from 2009 season. "Amid quickly changing business environment, Kawasaki has been promptly taking countermeasures to cope with the situation. As the world economy is not likely to recover in a short period due to the major impact of the financial crisis, Kawasaki decided to suspend its MotoGP racing activities from 2009 season onward and reallocate management resources more efficiently.

"Kawasaki will continue racing activities using mass-produced motorcycles as well as supporting general race-oriented customers. Kawasaki would like to thank all the fans and all those who have forwarded us great help.

"Mr.Yoshio Kawamura, the Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Racing B.V. deeply appreciates the contribution and the dedication brought by staff members of the MotoGP team." Bugger.

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