You've helped raise £150 for Riders for Health

..and you're wearing cool T-Shirts now too

Posted: 20 September 2011
by Ben Cope
Four designs, available in many different colours
Those who know me, know this is a rare sight..

THIS summer, we've been selling Visordown T-Shirts in our eBay store and raised £150 for Riders for Health.

The T-Shirts are hand-made using quality 100% organic cotton and are available in four great designs. With each T sold, we've donated £2 to Riders for Health, a charity I saw in action out in Africa this year.

So far we've sold 75 Ts, raising £150 for Riders. The T-Shirts have gone down really well, with 100% posititve feedback on eBay. We've got a few more left, but we're running out of the large sizes fast, so now's the time to grab one if you haven't already. The small sizes are great for kids too.

Check out our motorcycle T-Shirts in our eBay store, look cool and do your bit for Riders.

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